Stylish nail design 2014

Stylish nail design 2014

In nail design, 2014 is characterized by the fact that more attention is paid to manicure than usual. This season, nails are not only an addition to the image, a sign of grooming and style, they can become a real bright accent and attract admiring glances.

If the idea of ​​​​making your own hands and nails, in particular, is a real work of art, then it will be useful for you to familiarize yourself with the 2014 fashion for nail design.

Stylish nails 2014

Before proceeding with the application of varnish, drawing or application on the nails, it is necessary to do a hygienic manicure. Burrs, bumps and any other signs of sloppiness will instantly ruin the impression of even the most stylish drawing. Do not neglect this procedure.

When the nails are prepared, you can start applying the desired composition to the nails. If you are at a loss as to how to make a fashionable nail design in 2014, then the following ideas will definitely come in handy for you:

  1. Stylized french. The usual French manicure in 2014 will not surprise anyone. In addition, you can even be accused of banality. To avoid this, use not the usual natural tones for manicure, but make the jacket with bright colors. For example, black and red, yellow and green, blue and orange. You can select the overgrown part of the nail with several stripes of different colors, or you can make it uneven — in the form of a drop, an arc, or a spreading paint.
  2. Beads, rhinestones, beads. All this decor belongs to the most fashionable ideas for nail design in 2014. With the help of these decorations, you can create an incredibly stylish manicure for a celebration or a party. But keep in mind that in everyday life, too bright nails do not always look appropriate. In this case, give preference to caviar manicure.
  3. Not like everyone else. Making one nail different is the trend of the season. As a rule, it is customary to highlight the ring fingers, but, in general, there are no restrictions. Paint one nail with a contrasting varnish, apply a drawing or just add a few rhinestones — and this will make your look more original and stylish.

How to look beautiful and stylish?

how to look beautiful and stylish

Of course, not everyone and not every day manages to look really perfect, because there is not always time and desire to make extra efforts for this. However, it turns out that it is not at all necessary to put in a lot of effort, it is quite enough just to remember a few basic rules for caring for yourself and in a way that can provide you with a stylish and fashionable look on any day.

Rules in clothes

Beautiful stylish dresses definitely make a girl beautiful, but you should pay attention to a few important details. For example, the color of the dress has a much more important role than many people think. Therefore, when you like the clothes, you should definitely pay attention to the color and determine whether it suits you. To learn how to dress beautifully and stylishly, you need to determine the color palette that suits the color of the skin. For example, you should not give preference to shades that make the skin too pale. Another important rule regarding clothing is its size. Sometimes, girls, dreaming of shedding a few extra kilos, put on a dress that is clearly tight, or, conversely, in an effort for comfort, put on baggy clothes. Neither one nor the other can be done, since both extremes look very ridiculous.

Makeup, manicure, and hair

The secret of how to become stylish and beautiful lies in such an important detail as makeup. It is very important not to overdo it with daytime makeup, and clearly remember that catchy, bright and rich makeup is only suitable for an evening out, daytime makeup should be as subdued and light as possible. Beautiful and stylish girls should also follow the manicure. It is worth remembering that the nails should be the same length, and also always well-groomed. And finally, sometimes even the most beautiful and stylish clothes look very ridiculous if the girl has carelessly regrown hair roots of a natural color. It is necessary to follow the timely coloring.

Ombre manicure

ombre manicure

A beautiful manicure is one of the components of a successful image. Today, professional manicure and pedicure masters are able to transform nails into masterpieces of art. In addition, the more creative and unusual the nail design, the more the manicure meets the requirements of fashion trends, and its owner demonstrates her sense of style. But, of course, in addition to personal fantasies, there are certain canons and patterns of fashionable manicure. This season, one of the most popular manicures with an ombre effect is considered.

Ombre style in the new season has become popular not only in nail design. Stylists actively embody the transitions of colors in the hair, in makeup and even in the colors of clothes. However, ombre nails are always the easiest to show off, which will perfectly emphasize good taste and knowledge of fashion novelties.

To make such a manicure, you first need to decide on the color scheme. Going from dark to light polish or vice versa is all a matter of personal taste and preference. Also, do not forget about the compliance of the nail design with the chosen wardrobe. In addition to the popular horizontal ombre, modern manicure and pedicure masters also make vertical ones. Most often, a vertical ombre is to use more than two shades.

French ombre manicure

French manicure has become one of the fashion trends for ombre nails. Unlike the classic French manicure, the ombre style does not have a clear border between the light edge line and the main color. In addition, French ombre is often complemented by a highlighted light crescent along the cuticle. However, a common characteristic with a classic French manicure is the chosen color scheme. It is also popular to do French manicure in pink, coffee-milk and beige shades.

White spots on hands

white spots on hands

Most of us pay as much attention to the skin of our hands as we do to our face. And rightly so, because beautiful and well-groomed hands are the visiting card of any woman, by which one can judge many of her qualities. Therefore, if you suddenly find that white spots have appeared on your hands, this cannot but cause concern and grief. Why white spots may appear on the skin of the hands, and what to do in this case, we will consider further.

Causes of white spots on the hands

A white spot on the arm is not just a cosmetic defect, but also a possible symptom of some diseases. Even if such spots, in addition to their appearance, do not cause any discomfort (they do not itch, do not peel, etc.), it is still very important to find out the cause of their appearance as soon as possible. For this purpose, it is recommended to consult a dermatologist.

White spots on the hands can be localized on the fingers, hands, palms, in the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe joints, etc. and may be accompanied by the appearance of similar spots on other parts of the body. These can be large or small spots on the hands, multiple or single, have clear or blurry outlines.

Consider the most likely causes of white spots on the hands:

  • some skin and infectious diseases;
  • exposure to ultraviolet radiation;
  • disruption of the endocrine system;
  • pathological processes of the nervous system;
  • deficiency of certain vitamins and minerals.

Diseases in which white spots appear on the hands

Let us briefly characterize some diseases that manifest as white spots on the skin of the hands.


This is a skin disease in which melanin pigment disappears in certain areas of the skin. The causes of this pathology can be:

  • taking certain chemicals;
  • inflammatory and necrotic processes on the skin;
  • failures in the production of melanin due to neuroendocrine, autoimmune and other factors.

The hereditary nature of vitiligo is also not excluded.

With vitiligo, white spots appear on any part of the skin (but more often on the hands and elbows), having a different size and shape. Gradually, these spots merge, forming extensive depigmented zones. Some spots may spontaneously disappear. However, no other complaints are noted.

white lichen

The causes of this disease are still unknown, but many versions are put forward regarding its etiology. Today, the priority is the version that the cause of white lichen is a special fungus that produces substances in human skin that block the access of ultraviolet rays.

White spots in this disease can appear not only on the hands (more often on the lateral surfaces of the hands), but also on the face and legs. The size of the spots is from 1 to 4 cm, they can peel off, and in winter they can become inflamed.


This is a pathology in which there is a disorder of skin pigmentation. Leukoderma can develop as a result of various skin lesions, exposure to certain chemicals. It can also be one of the symptoms of the underlying disease (for example, secondary syphilis).

white spots on hands

With leukoderma, multiple white spots appear, which have rounded outlines with a zone of hyperpigmentation around, can be of various sizes. These spots are located close to each other, can be localized on the extensor surfaces of the hands, forearms, as well as the neck, back, and abdomen.

White spots on the hands — treatment

With this problem, you should consult a doctor as soon as possible. In addition to a thorough dermatological examination of the skin, an in-depth examination of the entire body may be required. Based on the data obtained, a diagnosis will be made and appropriate treatment will be prescribed.

Baths for nail growth

baths for nail growth

Every woman dreams of beautiful and long nails. However, this can be very difficult to achieve. Someone achieves this goal through building, while others use baths for nail growth, masks, creams and other means, the choice of which depends on individual preferences.

Baths for fast nail growth

To achieve the desired result, the use of cosmetic procedures will not be enough, the nail plates should be strengthened from the inside by adding vitamins A, E, B and foods containing calcium and iron to the diet.

It is recommended to carry out the procedure every other day for several weeks. already after 2-3 sessions, you can notice a significant improvement in the nails. In more serious cases, in particular when restoring nails after extension, baths should be taken daily for two weeks. After a four-week break, the course is repeated.

How to make a nail bath?

During the preparation and taking of the bath, you must be guided by the following plan:

  1. Using a non-acetone nail polish remover, remove the coating from the nails.
  2. Wash your hands.
  3. File the nails, giving them the desired shape.
  4. Pour warm water into the container.
  5. Add the necessary components according to the recipe.
  6. Dip your hands in the product and hold for about fifteen minutes.
  7. Lubricate hands with nourishing cream.

Baths to accelerate the growth of nails

To speed up the growth of nails, use simple recipes:

  1. Olive oil (one hundred grams) is heated in a steam bath and diluted with a small amount of water.
  2. Pour a spoonful of soda and a couple of drops of iodine into a glass of heated water (optional).
  3. The composition with sea salt is prepared as follows. Two glasses of water will require one hundred grams of salt and a few drops of iodine.

For nails, in addition to baths, it is good to use masks. A good remedy is a vitamin mask:

  1. Sunflower oil (a quarter cup) is mixed with vitamin A (five drops) and three drops of iodine.
  2. Apply to hands with a cotton swab.

What other baths for nail growth exist?

how to make a nail bath

Here are some more useful tips and remedies to stimulate nail growth:

  1. Mineral water without gas is mixed with the same volume of cabbage juice, a spoonful of sesame oil and a couple of drops of ylang-ylang essential oil are poured in.
  2. Honey, lemon juice and apple juice (two tablespoons each) and a spoonful of salt are added to warmed milk (half a liter).
  3. As a bath, you can use a decoction of chamomile, burdock root and St. John’s wort, (two tablespoons of each herb), brewed in a glass of boiling water.
  4. Warm water is mixed with lemon juice (two tablespoons) and almond or grape oil.

Black manicure

Disputes about manicure with black varnish will never stop. Even stylists cannot come to a consensus about at what age and for what purposes black manicure can be done. The attribute of the subculture is ready, an element of a masquerade and carnival costume, a color for teenagers — you can’t hear anything. But the famous fashion house Chanel, which released black lacquer, believes that deep black is stylish and relevant. Of course, such a manicure has the right to exist. A “black jacket” manicure can even claim elegance and sophistication, if all the nuances were taken into account by the nail master during its creation, because a black French manicure does not forgive even the slightest negligence, pointing out design errors.

Fashion trends

For both short and long nails, manicure ideas with black lacquer delight with variety. Nail art masters do not recommend abusing additional decorations when creating a manicure. The fact is that black is the king of all colors, and therefore it is a self-sufficient color. Excesses in the form of stickers, drawings, rhinestones can simplify manicure. With the right application technique, a black nail design will complement any look, giving it sophistication and mystery. The exception, perhaps, is a black manicure with a gold accent. Blotches of gold on a glossy plain black background turn the everyday manicure into a festive one. The same effect can be achieved by combining a black manicure with sparkles.

Matte and glossy geometric elements are used to emphasize the corners or free ends of the nail plates. With rhinestones, you can decorate all nails or one or two. It depends on the size of the decor elements. The larger the size of the rhinestone, the less they should be on the nails. It should be noted that nails completely studded with rhinestones also have the right to exist if you are faced with the task of creating a manicure in the glam rock style.

As a spectacular everyday option, you should choose a black moon manicure. You can paint the base of the nail plate with golden, silver or beige varnish. To add brightness, use varnishes in contrasting saturated colors (blue, purple, red, and so on).

Do not forget that black manicure does not fit into the framework of a business and romantic style, as it adds aggressiveness, determination, and courage to the image.

Manicure with red varnish

manicure with red polish

Perfectly shaped red nails are a classic that has not gone out of fashion for a long time. Manicure with red lacquer will perfectly fit into business, evening and everyday looks, depending on the length of the nail and pattern. Women of different ages and styles sooner or later decide to cover their nails with a bright color from delicate scarlet to rich bloody.

Manicure with red varnish — color combinations

There are many ways to use this active color. Some prefer an even, neat layer, others like the pattern and combinations with other colors:

  1. Red and white manicure is suitable for girls for whom a pure color seems too bright. It is white that gives tenderness to the design and slightly smoothes the character of red. A red and white manicure can be romantic with divorces or lace, white peas on a red background look very stylish.
  2. A red and black manicure is the most spectacular of all the options. Both colors are saturated and with any combination the result will be excellent. It can be a non-standard version of a jacket with a black background and a red stripe along the edge, mysterious geometric shapes and abstraction, playful drawings in the form of ladybugs. Red French manicure looks especially beautiful with the addition of rhinestones or other golden elements. The most feminine option is Indian drawings in black on a red background. It is best to use this tandem for an evening dress if you prefer complex patterns, and leave geometry and simple patterns for every day.
  3. Red manicure with a pattern is most often complemented with gold. It is the combination of gold and a dark bloody shade that evokes something oriental and majestic, this combination is for the empress. As a rule, nail art stylists advise an oriental theme with patterns, a scattering of gold on a red background, or variations on a French theme. Here they use both bright saturated shades and muted matte ones. Red manicure with gold is often decorated with beads, glitter, foil and other decorative elements.

Red manicure — choose a design

There are some of the most win-win design options for manicure with red varnish. The first, of course, will be the classic version with a smooth monochromatic coating. There is also the so-called Spanish manicure, when a layer of pink or other pastel shade is applied first. A layer of red varnish is already applied on top of it. This technique visually makes the nail denser, and the color of the top layer of varnish deep.

Vanguard every day only strengthens its position. It looks very nice when one half of the nail is covered with black varnish, and when it dries, red is applied to the second half. The middle is slightly convex, and the plate itself is visually lengthened.

Manicure with red varnish in the style of the 20s looks stylish, but here you have to resort to the help of a master. An oval pattern is applied to the middle of the plate, then everything is carefully adjusted. The oval should not touch either the cuticle or the edge of the hole. The nail is very narrow and stretched out. And retro fashion has been actively used in many world shows in the past few years.

If you decide to try to do a manicure yourself, it is best to purchase stickers or prints with drawings. The easiest way: stick a ladybug on one of the nails, decorate the rest with black dots. This method will work on both short and long nails. But first evaluate the condition of your hands, because the bright red color always treacherously emphasizes all the shortcomings and shortcomings.

Manicure under a green dress

green dress manicure

As you know, green is considered the color of life. It calms the nervous system, and our eyes rest when perceiving shades of green.

If you have chosen a green outfit and want to choose the right color for the varnish, then this article is for you. First, let’s decide what colors green is combined with. In nature, green coexists with almost all available tones. For clarity, let’s remember what color a parrot has. But there is always the possibility of overdoing it and turning your image into an absurdity. Therefore, the most ideal manicure for a green dress will be lacquer colors such as brown, beige, yellow, orange, coral, red, purple.

Manicure under the green color of the dress

The choice of nail polish color for your outfit depends on several factors. First, from the celebration itself. If the event involves a special dress code, then in this case it is advisable to perform a manicure in a more restrained style; French manicure or light beige varnish is the most ideal option.

Secondly, from the color of the dress itself. If it is calm, not bright, then the manicure can be made more contrasting. If you are not afraid of experiments, then try covering your nails with red, purple, yellow or dark brown. These colors will favorably emphasize the green color of the dress.

You can also experiment with manicure techniques. Now it is especially fashionable to perform a manicure using the ombre technique. This is a smooth transition from one color of varnish to another. Moreover, both colors of the same varnish palette, and completely contrasting ones, can be combined.

A manicure for a green dress can be harmoniously combined with accessories, for example, the color of varnish to match the belt, shoes, handbag or beads. Whatever the color of the varnish, remember that the hands should be well-groomed and the nails neat.

Summer manicure at home

summer manicure at home

The presence of a manicure in the best way is reflected in the appearance of a woman and positively affects the perception of her by people around her. Masterfully processed and decorated nails are one of the most important components of a woman’s appearance, especially in summer, when open, well-groomed hands attract everyone’s attention. But it is not always possible to find time to contact a professional. Yes, this service is expensive. No need to be upset: a beautiful summer manicure can be done at home.

Summer Manicure Ideas

Before proceeding to the description of the types of fashionable manicure, we want to pay attention to the fact that short or slightly elongated nails of a classic (oval) or square shape are currently relevant. Summer manicure options are very diverse and based on the most unthinkable combination of all the primary and intermediate colors of the spectrum, patterns and effects.

Ombre manicure

A very simple and attractive summer manicure — stripes that change from one color to another. In order to decorate the nails in this way, it is necessary to apply strips of varnish on the sponge slightly moistened with water in the planned sequence. Then, run the sponge over the paper so that the color borders are blurred. The last step is to print the design on each nail.

Images of natural objects

You can emphasize the optimistic mood in a do-it-yourself summer manicure by depicting berries, apples, pieces of watermelon, the sun, etc. on your nails. But the main object of colorful summer art is flowers. We advise you to try to draw a conceived image of the appropriate size on paper before proceeding to a creative decoration, and only when you are sure that the drawing turned out to be successful, repeat it on the nails.

Images of geometric shapes

Girls who prefer a sporty and classic style of clothing and clear graphic lines can do a manicure by drawing horizontal and vertical stripes, squares, triangles.

Cheerful pea and modest speck

On nails covered with bright varnish, small or larger dots of white or black are applied. Despite the simplicity of execution, such a manicure looks very attractive.

Summer french manicure

French manicure never goes out of style. This summer, the moon manicure is in trend — a kind of French manicure. Instead of a rim at the tip of the nail, with the help of special stencils, a crescent-shaped line is drawn at the nail base. In this case, the nail and the rim can be combined in color (beige with gray, pink with white, etc.) or contrast with each other (coral, raspberry, purple, burgundy with white). Summer French manicure looks especially presentable, which combines nail plates of deep dark or rich bright colors, complemented by silver or golden rims.

Other options

A manicure looks beautiful and quite at ease, in which each nail has a certain color or is designed in its own way. Another proposed option is that the pattern on the nails is repeated every other time, or the nails on all fingers of the hand have a monochromatic coating, and one nail plate is decorated with an intricate pattern.

Those who are just mastering the art of decorating nails can try to make the easiest summer manicure — cover the nails with different varnishes (turquoise, pink, yellow, red, etc.) It is only necessary to take into account that saturated shades should be applied very carefully, because any inaccuracy will strike the eye.

For decorating nails in the summer, sparkles, shimmers, nail applications and rhinestones are actively used.

Marine style manicure

marine style manicure

Summer is the best time to bring the most daring ideas of manicure into reality. Warm sand, a variety of shells, starfish and other inhabitants of the depths — all this cannot but inspire you to create a masterpiece on your nails.

Nautical manicure with an anchor

There are a lot of ideas for creating a marine manicure. The most popular colors for a marine theme are blue, white and red. You can create a playful accent on one nail by decorating it with an anchor. The application technique can also be different, the easiest way is a sticker in the form of an anchor. Cover your nails with varnish, wait for it to dry completely and transfer the image to the nail. If you are not looking for easy ways, then try creating an anchor from stones or small beads. For such a manicure, you will need special nail glue and a little time, but the result will not leave you or others indifferent.

Nautical style manicure options

If you find it difficult to think of what you can draw on your nails to make it look spectacular and stylish, try to imagine life under water. Clams of interesting shapes, starfish, algae and stones of all kinds. For a more discreet manicure, soothing colors are suitable: pale blue as the base and coffee for the image of shells. One nail can be covered with a scattering of decorative stones of various shapes and sizes, which will create the effect of wet drops shimmering in the sun.

For girls who prefer bright and eye-catching varnishes and drawings, we offer to cover the nails with the color of the sea wave and decorate them with starfish stylized in different colors. Use the brightest and most unusual colors of varnish, and your manicure can be attributed to a work of art.

Marine manicure for short nails

A marine-style manicure looks beautiful on short nails. Do not worry that the desired pattern will not fit along the length of the nail, see what interesting ideas you can implement in nail design with only 2-3 colored varnishes. You can draw horizontal, vertical stripes, cover a quarter of the nail or its entire surface with one color, depict hearts. Another technique is to cover one nail with silver decorative powder, which, combined with bright blue and red, gives a stunning effect of a festive manicure.

If you have a vacation ahead and you want to keep your marine-style manicure for its entire period, we recommend that you do it with shellac. In this case, the design and appearance of the nails will remain in their original form for up to 3 weeks.