The workplace of a manicurist — what should it be like?

A professional manicure table is one of the main attributes of a manicure master. The rest of the workplace is designed around it, so it must meet a number of requirements: you need to think about its convenience, functionality, suitable size and other important characteristics. Properly equipped workplace of a manicure master is the key […]

Professional materials for manicure: an overview of tops and bases produced by Cosmake

There are more than 30 options for top and base coats in the Cosmake line of materials. All of them are of high quality and made from European raw materials (Germany). Beginning masters have questions when they see the extensive Cosmake catalog. What base to choose for brittle nails? Which top is suitable for creating […]

Professional manicure cuticle scissors will make your hands perfect

During the execution of a manicure, every little thing is important. The cuticle must be constantly monitored and trimmed in a timely manner. You can do this both on your own and in a professional nail salon, and the main tool for solving the problem is special scissors. Why do you need cuticle scissors? When […]

How to choose the right base for manicure? Pro Tips!

Base — nail material, the main function of which is a reliable «coupling» between a natural nail and an artificial material. The bulk of the bases are liquid, since the liquid material penetrates better into the irregularities of the nail plate, ensuring the reliability of fixing the material. Currently, there is a huge amount of […]

The best sliders for your spectacular manicure!

Sliders AKVAREL NAILS — popular today nail design with water stickers. Now you do not need to have artistic skills to create fast, effective and creative manicure and pedicure. Sliders are a thin film sticker with an image printed on it, mounted on a paper backing that peels off when it comes into contact with […]