Why the Rubber base from Cosmolac is indispensable for manicure

What is Cosmolac Rubber Base? And why is it indispensable when performing a manicure. The base is the basis of the foundations of the three-phase system of gel polishes. All Cosmolac bases can be divided into two categories: rubber and silicone. Our range of rubber bases includes: main transparent rubber base a large palette of […]

Professional manicure lamp Sun5

Professional LED lamp SUN 5 White for manicure. Suitable for drying: gel polish, gel finish, base, polygels, biogels, acrigels and other materials. The UV lamp has a long service life — up to 50,000 hours. Designed using LED technology, which not only increases the service life of the device, but also saves energy. The hybrid […]

How to care for nail scissors?

BackForward In order for nail scissors to serve for a long time, you should carefully monitor them: 1. Store scissors only in a special case;2. After each use, the tip of the cuticle scissors must be treated with a disinfectant;3. Dropping the accessory is not recommended. A fall can compromise the integrity of the structure;4. […]

Manicure like mom’s — choose a children’s nail set

Girls strive to be like their mothers in everything. Dress beautifully, do hairstyles, paint lips and paint nails. The desire to be beautiful is inherent in girls by nature. If your baby puts her fingers when mom takes out a nail file or nail polish, and you don’t want to apply adult products on your […]

The main trends of spring manicure 2022

With the onset of heat, changes require not only our hearts, but also our manicure. Spring trends inspire nail experiments filled with bright colors and bold combinations. Nails really say a lot about a person. This extra detail helps him convey who he is or who he wants to present himself to the world. So […]

What do you need for a beautiful manicure at home?

Well-groomed hands are the hallmark of any girl, because they are always in sight. Even if you do not cover your nails with varnish, they must be maintained in a well-groomed and neat form, regularly doing a manicure at least at home. Of course, if the nails are naturally strong and healthy, this greatly facilitates […]

Manicure in 15 minutes at home

Girls want to have well-groomed, neat nails with a beautiful design, but in the modern rhythm of life, there is not always time to visit a master. The two-hour gel-lacquer manicure is being replaced by false nails that we have forgotten. Now it is a really worthy alternative to extensions or gel polish. Especially when […]

Neat manicure and pedicure at home

To have the perfect manicure and pedicure, it is not necessary to go to beauty salons. This result can be achieved at home, and nail clippers will help you with this! Nail clippers (nail clippers) are a handy and very popular manicure and pedicure specialist tool that is used to treat nails and cuticles. They […]