Why is a home manicure more profitable than a salon one?

The first plus and the most important plus of a home manicure is saving money. Let’s calculate how much it takes for a salon and a home manicure per year. saving money One manicure in the salon costs an average of 2,000 rubles, a pedicure — 3,000 rubles. For one trip to the salon, you […]

Nail polishes are ideal for pedicure and manicure!

Premium quality polishes, created using Big5Free technology: • no harmful components • self-levelling, streak-free, evenly applied • Dries quickly on nails • Resistant — lasts for a long time 5-7-10 days, does not chip, only rubs at the ends (as noted by our customers) • does not dry for a long time in the bottle, […]

Freesoul nail art stickers — take your soul to manicure!

There was a time when there was only one way to design a manicure — hand-painted. However, this method is not available to everyone. Nail stickers are a real find for girls who do their own manicure, or go to the manicure master with their sliders. Any manicure, even with a monophonic coating, will become […]

Coated manicure in 20 minutes is now a reality!

Manicure with design without leaving home is what many girls dreamed of! Now these are modern realities. Just imagine, in just 20 minutes you can create a decor for our nails with any design on your own and for this we don’t even have to leave the house! An absolute novelty in the manicure industry. […]

Secrets of new generation manicure lamps and features of the SUN5 UV/LED hybrid model

I present to your attention lamp for manicure and pedicure new generation SUN5 UV/LED 48W. After a long and careful study of various models of a manicure lamp and comparing all the pros and cons, I decided to stop at a modern nail polish drying lamp SUN5. BackForward Peculiarities: At the moment hybrid lamps are […]

What did you not know about the choice of panties for girls?

I will not say that the question of choosing panties for a girl is too complicated. However, there are two important nuances that I want you to know about. They will save you time and money. The first is the composition of the fabric. Some moms have an opinion that he should be the only […]

Beautiful manicure and pedicure — it’s easy!

To have the perfect manicure and pedicure, it is not necessary to go to beauty salons. This result can be achieved at home, and this will help you nail clippers! Nail clippers (nail clipper) is a handy and very popular manicure and pedicure tool that is used to treat nails and cuticles.They painlessly cut and […]

Smart manicure: how to maintain a salon effect at home.

Fashion for well-groomed hands will never go away. Modern trends can dictate the length and shape of nails, decor or lack thereof. But neat hands, healthy cuticles, delicate skin will always be favorites. In addition, it is the basis of your positive image and success in society. 10 minutes of self care. Each beauty has […]

Apparatus for manicure and pedicure with cutters and pedal: Manicure salon at home.

Elegance is in sophistication. Isn’t it the dream of every girl, woman to look beautiful «to the tips of her nails»? Manicure and pedicure have long become an integral part of the life of every woman. Our hands. We make many movements with our hands during the day, we hug, we write, we cook, we […]