Products for manicure from the brand InGarden

The Russian manufacturer, InGarden, has been on the market for 15 years. We develop high-quality products created specifically for the nail industry. Today, the brand provides everything you need to perform high-quality and safe manicure and pedicure at the best prices. InGarden, in addition to the production of base and top coats, is popular thanks […]

Innovative coating in manicure

Liquid acrylic LA (Liquid Acryl) from TopShopNails. BackForward Material Advantages It has the properties of an acrylic gel and in consistency it resembles a thick base. Holds the length perfectly, does not sag. Does not heat up during polymerization Universal — suitable for strengthening, and for repair, and for leveling and for extending the nail […]

What is a primer and is it necessary in manicure?

Perfect coverage starts with a primer. This is an axiom. A primer, or «double-sided tape» as it is often called, is a special liquid that improves the adhesion of a natural nail plate to a coating (gel polish or extension gel). Primer types Primers are acidic and acid-free. Target both of these liquid products are […]

How to choose a nail file for manicure?!

A nail file is an indispensable manicure tool for every girl, and not just for a manicurist. It performs several functions at once: with a nail file, you can remove the length of the nail plate, shape the nails, polish them to a shine, lift the nail scales to improve adhesion between the artificial coating […]

How a home manicure became a pleasure, not a flour.

Royal nail care between salon visits. English impeccability)) You can take care of your nails and cuticles in just 10 minutes a day, using an exact 5-step system! A manicure in the modern world is as important as a well-chosen dress and accessory. Your hands are always in sight, they cannot be hidden. That is […]

Glass file for high-quality manicure

High-quality and beautiful manicure is not only a stylish design and durable varnish. Professionals know that beautiful forms and even plates can not be achieved without nail files for manicure! Nailfile — a convenient and very popular tool for everyday nail care. With its help, you can remove the length of the nail plate, shape […]

Manicure of the future: «smart» varnishes and interesting effects

Now you will not surprise anyone with a manicure with drawings, rhinestones and voluminous stucco. But the “live” coating, which constantly shimmers with different colors or literally transforms before our eyes, changing color and texture, is a completely different matter! Where to find a master who will undertake this? Everything is much simpler: a “magic” […]

Desktop vacuum cleaner extract for manicure and pedicure

The beauty industry has come a long way. Today, the reality is that the masters in the struggle for the client began to pay more attention to the health and comfort of the client, and the clients, in turn, became more capricious and picky. And this is where they come to the rescue. professional manicure […]

Three tools for the perfect manicure and pedicure

BackForward Manicure nippers The exact assistant of the specialist and not only. In the absence of it, it is difficult to imagine the implementation of a traditional and combined manicure. Since the quality of the result and the safety of work depend on the pliers, we conclude that it is necessary to take the issue […]

Cutters for manicure and pedicure.

Carbide cutters came to the NAIL industry from dentistry. Initially, they were intended for dental work. In the future, manicure and pedicure masters began to use them to treat the nail plate, foot and cuticle zone. Milling cutters brand F-FREZA 100% Russian quality, proven for more than one decade: — wear-resistant, — have an excellent […]