Pastel manicure — stylish design for all occasions

Pastel manicure is in trend in 2019. This is a universal nail art that favorably emphasizes a stylish bow and can be combined with any clothes. It is appropriate in a business, casual, evening look. Experts offer many options for its implementation. Pastel manicure 2019 Pastel is obtained by diluting the base color with white. […]

Cappuccino color — a fashionable solution for clothes, shoes and accessories

The warm and light color of cappuccino is a calm light brown shade with a slight admixture of gray. It is relevant at any time and is ideal for all color types, it is increasingly preferred by both young girls and women of age. What color is the cappuccino? It is not by chance that […]

French on nails — stylish classic nail design

French on nails is an impeccable, elegant personification of impeccable taste and sense of style. This is the favorite and most common nail design for most fashionistas. A discreet classic jacket can be diversified and decorated in many ways, it will become more interesting and unusual. French nail design French on nails with a design […]

Pedicure, design, stylish novelties 2020

With the onset of the warm season, for many fashionistas, pedicure design becomes extremely relevant, the stylish novelties of 2020 of which are represented by a variety of ideas. When designing it, you can be guided by all sorts of trends, nail art can be made in a restrained or, on the contrary, bright version. […]

Gel polish for short nails — design ideas for round, square, almond shape

Many women stop at a shortened length of the nail plates, while they want to look stylish and modern. Gel polish for short nails will help to cope with the task, with the help of which they embody an exquisite unique design. The coating will decorate the nails of a square, oval or almond shape. […]

feminine energy

The feminine energy that is hidden in every woman helps, first of all, to establish harmonious relationships with men. It helps a woman to live differently, to feel differently, better. Female strength and energy allows the representative of the weaker sex to return to the appearance that the creator endowed her with. The one who […]

Femininity and sensuality

A woman… Her image has been sung for centuries by incorrigible romantics, poets dedicate poems, writers create novels, and directors make their films about her. Feminine sensuality is a great art. In order to become sexy, it is not enough to have big breasts or plump lips … Appearance, of course, plays a significant role […]

How to do a manicure at home?

I wonder if women with perfect manicures are frequent guests of beauty salons or do they just know how to do a good manicure at home? Everyone probably had similar questions at the sight of another lady with well-groomed nails. The most interesting thing is that a home manicure can be in no way inferior […]