Halloween nails

Halloween nail design is not a trifle, because if you try, a manicure can be turned into an accent of a festive bow. Non-binding manicure Not every fashionista decides to decorate her nails with black cats, skulls, bones and other attributes of this holiday on Halloween. It is for such girls that a monophonic manicure […]

Prom manicure — the best ideas for short and long nails

It won’t be long before the most magical and bewitching event — prom. And in order for the image to be successful and stylish, it is important to think through everything to the smallest detail. The main elements of appearance — dress, shoes, hairstyle and makeup — will not be complete if you do not […]

plain, french, matte, sequins, monograms, rhinestones, pattern

Romantic style is one of the most popular trends in modern women’s fashion. And such accents are popular not only in the choice of clothes and accessories, but also in fashionable additions. A gentle manicure for short nails became a stylish solution to emphasize femininity and sophistication in the image. Delicate manicure 2018 for short […]

Black and white dress — 60 photos of the most fashionable models and images

A black and white dress is one of the versatile wardrobe items that can be used to create a variety of spectacular bows. Its popularity is due to the fact that these shades can be combined with many other colors and serve as their organic complement. Fashionable black and white dress Many famous designers use […]

Sea salt for nails

Sea salt is a high-quality natural product that helps a person maintain not only health, but also beauty. The use of sea salt to improve the condition of nails in particular has long been known. Manicure — women’s business card It is not enough just to trim the cuticles and paint the nails with varnish […]

New Shellac collection — autumn 2014

A persistent and bright manicure that does not require correction for weeks is a reality, thanks to the appearance of gel polishes. Since their debut, millions of fashionistas have already experienced the ease of application and durability of gel polishes. The undisputed leader in this segment is CND, the owner of the Shellac and Vinilux […]

Silver ring with diamond

Currently, silver rings with diamonds have become even a little more popular than gold jewelry. Firstly, such jewelry is more affordable, and secondly, it is the silver sheen that emphasizes the shimmer of the stone and makes the jewelry truly worthy of a queen. Silver jewelry rings with diamonds In jewelry stores you will find […]

Art painting of nails

The art of painting nails has many directions. One of its varieties is the artistic painting of nails. It is carried out with the help of a special brush and the talent of a manicure master. The client has the right to independently choose the style of the picture, its color scheme. Art painting of […]

Turquoise pedicure

Turquoise is one of the hottest colors this season. Stylists use a beautiful shade in evening, business and casual fashion, which speaks of its versatility. Turquoise suits any type of appearance — that’s why this color is very popular with fashionistas. One of the most relevant ideas for complementing a turquoise look is a manicure […]

French pattern 2014

Regardless of the changeability of nail fashion trends, there are manicure options that are guaranteed to remain relevant. One of these is a French manicure. Its classic version — a bodily base and a white nail edge — has remained the most common and versatile type of manicure for more than a year. Of course, […]