fungus treatment

Well, tell me, which of the women does not dream of being irresistible, stunning and desirable? To do this, they go to the hairdresser to create unthinkable hairstyles, to the beauty parlor to induce manicure and clean the skin, to the spa to patiently endure peeling and epilation, to the fitness club to exhaustion and […]

Ingrown toenail — home treatment

The problem of an ingrown toenail occurs sooner or later in many people. And, as a rule, instead of turning to a specialist, they rush to get rid of it at home. Fortunately, an ingrown toenail can indeed be cured at home, but if there is no improvement within a week of self-treatment, it is […]

Design on short nails 2013

Naturalness in the image is very popular today. This applies not only to the wardrobe, but also to hairstyles, as well as manicures. Today, long artificial nails are losing their relevance, and in their place comes a short length, neat manicure and beautiful design. Especially with the advent of the autumn-winter season, when fashionable gloves […]

fashion nails

With the advent of the cold period, a beautiful fashionable manicure does not lose its relevance. After all, despite the forced use of gloves that hide their hands, every fashionista should be stylish in everything, especially since, when entering a room, we, as a rule, expose our hands. Therefore, even in the autumn-winter period, it […]

Fashionable nail design

The impression of a person’s appearance largely depends on the little things — dirty shoes, disheveled styling, sloppy manicure — and now the harmony of the image is irretrievably destroyed. That is why it is so important to pay attention to these seemingly inconspicuous things. In this article we will talk about manicure, more precisely, […]

Down with tweezers, or how to switch to unedged manicure?

The nail service industry is making leaps and bounds, and now, we already have the opportunity to “wear” nails of any shape and length of your choice and cover them with super-resistant gel polish. That’s just what to do with the cuticle — so they really didn’t come up with anything. She still continues to […]

Nail polish remover

Beauty is, first of all, health, and it is natural that nails that claim to be well-groomed and beautiful should be healthy, shiny and have an even color. But today, rare nails can fully claim this title, because the constant staining with varnish, acrylic extensions and the removal of these funds significantly harm their health. […]

Manicure ideas for short nails

In the 2014 season, nails of medium length or short are considered feminine and sexy. Naturalness is in fashion, so the almond-shaped or oval shape of the nails is relevant. Having caught the main fashion trends of the season, you can come up with interesting manicure ideas for short nails. Knowing a few general rules […]

Blue dress with red belt

The fact that the belt is an important part of the wardrobe that can make the image more stylish and complete is known to every fashionista. In the arsenal of each of us there are a couple of belts for different occasions and for different clothes. But the success of the image depends not only […]