Fashionable manicure for short nails, summer 2020

It is hard to imagine a girl who has never done nail art. A stylish design can be created for any length, a fashionable manicure for short nails in the summer of 2020 is a clear confirmation of this. This is not only a beautiful element of the image, but also a practical solution. This […]

Summer manicure, novelties 2020 — bright nail art trends for short and long nails

The novelties of summer manicure struck the modern fashionable public with trendy colors and original decorative additives. Among the current ideas, you can choose the perfect option for a square, sharp, oval or almond-shaped nail plate. The selection provides chic bright, pastel nail art for any occasion. Summer manicure — trends 2020 Hot sunny weather […]

Yellow manicure with design — ideas for short, long, almond and square nails

Sunny color is reasonably associated with lightness and joy, dictates a positive mood. A yellow manicure with a design is able to bring bright, unique notes to the image. To create it, different tonality and all kinds of variations of decorative elements are used. Any of its shades perfectly hides small flaws and gives attractiveness. […]

Summer gentle manicure 2020 — fashion design trends for short and long nails of various shapes

A complex and intricate design will not be appropriate in all cases. Many fashionistas have a desire to bring variety with subtle notes, the summer gentle manicure of 2020 will be a great solution. Although it seems to some that there cannot be many ideas for its design, this is not so, stylists delight with […]

Trendy pedicure 2020 — perfect nail trends with design, plain and moon finish

A beautiful trendy pedicure 2020 will be as important as a neat manicure. Well-groomed nails are welcome not only in the warm season with open shoes, nail art will be relevant regardless of the season. Therefore, to be irresistible, you need to turn to top design ideas, which should be appropriate for different details of […]

Who is a blogger — the pros and cons, the main types, what does he do, what can he not do without?

With the ubiquity of the Internet, every student knows who a blogger is, and more than 30% of children indicate this type of activity as their future profession. At the same time, it is important to understand all the subtleties and nuances of such work, what it consists of and what earnings are based on. […]

A woman and a car are incompatible concepts: 25 hilarious photos

The argument about who drives a car better — a man or a woman, will be eternal, and each side will have a lot of arguments in its favor. Therefore, we propose to leave this pointless business and cheer yourself up with photographs that cannot be taken when a man is driving! Manicure, high-heeled shoes, […]

Winter manicure for short, long, square, almond nails

In the cold season, winter manicure becomes relevant, which embodies snowflakes, stars and Christmas decorations and other types of design. Popular trends in nail art are naturalness and simplicity, but the use of ideas that make nails catchy and eye-catching is also allowed. Winter manicure ideas Stylists offer to the attention of fashionistas all kinds […]

Trendy nails 2021 — stylish ideas for short, long, almond manicure with designs

Amazing nail art should invariably accompany a lady both in everyday life and at business meetings, romantic and special occasions. To be in trend, women should pay attention to the fashionable nails of 2021, for the design of which a variety of current trends are applied. Fashionable nails — trends 2021 Stylists offer girls to […]

Winter nail design — on a square and almond shape, with a pattern and a monochromatic manicure

Winter nail design brings to life all the innovative approaches in modern nail art, the trend will be what you like, what is vital, taking into account individuality. When the focus is on naturalness, but at the same time no one departs from modern technologies, sophisticated design, at the same time as catchy, but sophisticated […]