New nail design 2014


new nail design 2014

A well-chosen manicure brings a special zest to the image of a girl. Fashionable nail design 2014 brings to attention a game with colors, as well as applying unusual patterns to the surface of the nails. If you use a drawing, and especially if you add such a composition with rhinestones, then the uniqueness of the style is guaranteed.

American manicure

This is the name of the design of short nails 2014 or long, which consists in applying bright shades of varnishes. For example, you can use red, turquoise and orange colors. The main thing is that such a color should be rich and catchy, and only then on the nail you can make a drawing on top of the varnish, and a white color drawing on a bright base will look especially good. You can also use a combination of black and white, here you can pick up almost any pattern and let your imagination run wild. Quite often, a beautiful nail design 2014 includes an emphasis on a particular nail. For example, you can cover your nails with a plain varnish, and then draw a golden stripe over just your ring finger.

Icelandic and French manicure

Icelandic stylish nail design 2014 is a multi-layer overlay of various shades of varnish. For example, you can apply pink and blue, and make a white or black pattern on top. You can also decorate the composition with sparkles and rhinestones. French manicure is still popular in 2014, the design of which is easily done with the help of extended nails. It makes extended nails visually more natural and natural. Such a manicure can be supplemented with discreet shades of varnish, or, if desired, use a contrast of opposite shades, such as white and black. Monochromatic mother-of-pearl colors of varnishes, to match the color of the outfit, are also popular.


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