Nail design — tights


nail design tights

A neat manicure is always a stylish and feminine addition to the image. Each fashionista in the art of nail-art has her own preferences. Someone loves youthful contrasts, someone is restraint in nude style, someone is an ardent adherent of the classics, and for whom the elegance and sophistication of hands are most acceptable. For lovers of elegant, extraordinary notes, manicure masters offer a fashionable design today with the effect of tights on nails. Such drawings look very beautiful and, which is not unimportant, they fit absolutely any style of clothing.

Pantyhose technique on nails

As a rule, nail design with the effect of tights is performed in classic shades. Sometimes a background of light pastel colors is possible — lilac, pink, beige. But black is always dominant. The pattern on the nails is a mesh or thin weaves, reminiscent of openwork nylon tights. If such an accessory often appears in your wardrobe, then the stylish design will beautifully complement the sophisticated look.

The nail design of tights or, as it is commonly called, a veil, is often complemented with dots and flowers. These nails are perfect for an evening dress, business suit or wardrobe in a romantic style.

Unlike the lace manicure, which is often confused with the design of the tights, this style is not as delicate, but more elegant. It looks beautiful on nails of any length. The most popular way is the implementation of nail design pantyhose with gel polish. Drawing can be done on all fingers or decorate one or two nails. This design is very beautifully combined with a jacket or a moon manicure. Often, masters frame their nails with a thin black line, which further highlights fashionable nail-art and emphasizes its originality.

The technique of making tights on nails is not complicated. To simplify the task, you can use stickers for manicure. In this case, the pattern on each finger is more likely to be identical. But professionals mostly perform a beautiful manicure with a thin brush, gel paint and a fixer. After the nails are dried under ultraviolet light.


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