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Nail art design (nail design) has many fans around the world. Girls of different ages, nationalities and social status love to decorate their nails in a variety of ways. But no less number of people around the world consider nail art manicure tasteless, vulgar and repulsive. The dispute between fans and opponents of nail art is unlikely to ever end, because nail design leaves few people indifferent. Let’s talk about designer manicure.

Nail design — nail art

There are many options for nail design — painting, stamping, art jacket, nail art with beads, sparkles, threads, lace, sequins, voluminous fimo details.

To learn how to decorate your nails in an original way, you will have to practice a lot. It is better to start with simple nail art — simple patterns, a combination of two or three shades of varnish. Stamping is well suited for beginners — creating a pattern on the nails using special discs with patterns and a stamp with which the pattern is transferred to the nails.

Over time, the complexity of the design can be increased — try color stamping, transfer foil, manicure with beads or voluminous flowers.

If nature has endowed you with artistic talent or you just love to draw, be sure to try a hand-painted manicure. There are two main painting techniques: using a needle and using brushes.

Drawings with a needle are created on a dry layer of varnish. To do this, you must first cover the nail with the base color of the varnish, and then arrange the dots of the varnish of a different color in the intended order. Without waiting for the varnish to dry, we begin to draw with a needle from one drop to another, as a result of which very beautiful patterns are created. The thicker the needle, the wider the mark it leaves.

Drawings with a brush are often done on a completely dry base layer, although a fairly dense and thin brush can be used in the same way as a needle.

At the same time, it is important to choose high-quality brushes for nail art — the pile should be quite thick and dense, but at the same time soft.

To create circles and dots, there is a special tool — dots. Dots is a stick with a ball at the end. The size of the point the tool draws depends on the diameter of the ball. By the way, many girls successfully replace purchased dots with an ordinary pen or pencil, on the nose of which a bead (ball) of the desired diameter is glued.

If working with brushes or a needle seems too difficult for you, try drawing on your nails with gel pens. Apply the base color of the varnish, wait for it to dry completely. Prepare the gel pens of the colors you need, and you can start applying the pattern. When finished, let the drawing dry for two to three minutes and apply a top coat of clear varnish over it.

Nail art polishes differ depending on the method of their application. For example, varnishes for painting and stamping should be thick enough and have a high content of coloring pigment (so that even thin lines are clearly visible). And the ombre effect (smooth transition of one tone to another) on the nails can be created with almost any varnishes, regardless of their thickness and density.

Nail art on short nails

On long nails, nail art, of course, looks much more impressive, and the “field” for creativity in this case is much wider in the truest sense of the word. At manicure and nail art exhibitions, almost 100% of projects are created on long (or very long) nails. Of course, in everyday life there is no point in repeating a competitive designer manicure — it is inconvenient, and it looks, to put it mildly, strange.

For the past few years, short or medium nails have been in fashion. That is why a very popular trend in everyday nail design today is nail art on short nails.

For short nails, all types of nail art are suitable. However, it should be remembered that too large, voluminous decorations are inappropriate, as they violate the proportions of the hands and often look rough on short nails.

In our gallery you can see some options for ideas for nail art.


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