Exfoliate nails — treatment


exfoliate nails treatment

If a woman does not receive enough vitamins, does a manicure incorrectly and does not take care of her hands, then her nails exfoliate, which visually looks very unattractive and can ruin any image. Only competently carried out treatment can help to correct the situation.

How to care for split nails?

Whatever the reason that the nails exfoliate, the treatment and prevention of such a phenomenon must begin with the correct manicure. When processing the nail plate, you need to place the tool at a right angle to the nail, and not bend it up or down, as this will only aggravate the condition of exfoliating nails. When shaping the nail plates, you can not use a metal nail file, it is best if it is glass or ceramic with a fine coating.

When the nails are severely exfoliating and you are treating this problem, do not file them from the side surfaces. This will cause breaks and cracks to appear. With exfoliating nails, do not remove the varnish with a liquid containing acetone, and once a week let your nails rest, covering them not with ordinary color, but with healing compounds.

Taking care of your nails is not just about the outside. If your nails exfoliate, be sure to take vitamins. Or eat more foods that have protein, magnesium, calcium, sulfur and phosphorus:

  • eggs;
  • turkey;
  • chicken;
  • fish;
  • cabbage;
  • cheese;
  • dairy products.

Treatment of exfoliating nails

When the nails exfoliate, treatment can be done in several ways:

  1. Make baths with sea salt — add 20-25 g of salt to 200 ml of warm water and keep your fingers in this liquid for at least 20 minutes. It is necessary to carry out such a treatment procedure 2 times a week.
  2. Apply iodine to the nail plates — every day before going to bed, lubricate your nails with ordinary iodine. Such treatment is effective even if the toenails exfoliate.
  3. Carry out paraffin therapy — melt 30 g of natural beeswax in a water bath and dip your fingertips into the warm mixture for 15 minutes. Then immediately place your hands in a cold severely exfoliate nails treatmentwater. The procedure must be carried out at least 2 times in 7 days.
  4. Strengthen your nails with gelatin — dissolve 7 g of gelatin in 200 ml of warm water and dip your fingers into it for 15 minutes. Do this bath 3 times a week.

If the nails on the hands exfoliate, treatment with vegetable oil will help restore them. To carry it out you need:

  1. 2 times a week in 15 ml of olive oil, add 2 drops of an oil solution of vitamin A, iodine and lemon juice.
  2. Then apply the resulting mass on the nails for 20 minutes.


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