Drawings on short nails


drawings on short nails

Many are accustomed to the fact that a beautiful nail design (nail art) can only be created on long, mostly extended or false nails. This information was really relevant a few years ago, when extended long nails were in fashion. But today, long claws are already bad manners, and diversity and originality are the main features of the style of many women, and therefore you have to put up with fashion with the help of improvised means that will help create an original design even on short, natural nails.

Simple designs on short nails with rhinestones and appliqué

The easiest drawings on short nails can be done using applications.

The set sells patterns, mostly silver or golden hues (less often black or colored). Each drawing is covered with a transparent film, which becomes its protection against erasure.

To make an applique, you need to select the appropriate patterns, cut them into small ovals, and then lay them out in the order of sticking.

Then, at hand, you need to place a container with warm water and several cotton pads to remove moisture from the nail and you can start:

  1. We take a cut out oval with a pattern, place it in warm water for a few seconds.
  2. We apply a film with a pattern on the pre-painted nail in the area where the decor is supposed to be.
  3. Then we blot the moisture from the nail with a cotton pad.
  4. We cover the pattern with a colorless varnish so that the film does not come off during hand washing.

This procedure takes no more than 10 minutes, and the result is a neat and symmetrical nail design.

For more shine, apply a strass over a clear polish while the base is still wet.

This is a very easy way to decorate your nails, and is suitable even for those girls who did not go to art school and are not used to drawing in a small area.

Drawings on short nails with a needle

Drawings with varnish on short nails can also be done using an ordinary needle — for this you will need at least two contrasting dense (in color) varnishes and a needle.

To make the simplest drawing in this way, apply a base varnish on the nail, and then, without waiting for it to dry, three dots with a varnish of a different color. Then take a needle, and, starting from the top drop, draw the needle in a spiral down, affecting the rest of the drops. The result is an artistic painting.

Beautiful drawings on short nails with a brush

Drawing with a brush requires a girl to have good skill and the ability to draw at least on paper.

Get the thinnest and shortest brush from the art store (if possible, get it in a set for professional nail art).

If it was not possible to obtain a thin brush of the required size, then a regular one will do, but it must first be cut so that its edge is thin and not long.

Drawing can be done with varnish or acrylic paints. For the first practice, a regular varnish is also suitable, which contrasts with the background.


  1. Apply base polish and let it harden to speed up drying of nails, use spray or drops to speed up this process. An easy way to speed up drying is to place your nails in cold water.
  2. When the varnish is completely dry, apply a large drop of pattern varnish to the paper. Take a small drop of varnish with a prepared brush and blot it with paper to remove excess.
  3. Then start drawing — make an artistic sheet by drawing a solid, curved line along the entire nail diagonally, and then draw arcs to the middle of the sheet.

Dots drawings on short nails

Drawings on very short nails can be done using a convenient device — dots. It resembles a pencil or a pen, which does not contain ink, but varnish, and thus, you can give free rein to your imagination and draw anything.

The drawing must be done on a dried base varnish, and for decoration, use rhinestones or glitter varnish.


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