Tiger manicure


tiger manicure

And if earlier warm juicy shades on the nails belonged to the hot summer season, today stylists offer to make such a design in the cold season. After all, in this way you can add a sultry note to your fashionable bow, which will undoubtedly attract male attention.

If you have chosen a tiger design for your nails, then be sure to make sure that your hands are well-groomed and the shape is neat. This is important because the tiger print is rich and vibrant. If your nails are not neat, then any imperfection will stand out.

There are several ways to make a tiger nail design. French manicure with a tiger print is considered popular. This option is suitable for lovers of the African style, who for some reason are obliged to maintain restraint in the image. For those who are not limited by the dress code, stylists offer a stylish manicure with a tiger pattern on all nails. Alternatively, you can decorate a few fingers with a tiger print, and make the rest plain.

Tiger eye manicure

The most fashionable manicure with a tiger pattern over the past few seasons is the tiger eye design. Such nails not only look stylish and unusual, but also add mystery and even some danger to the whole image. A tiger eye can decorate one or more nails, the rest of the fingers can be made plain or also with a tiger print.

When doing a tiger manicure, it is worth remembering that the rest of the wardrobe should be appropriate. After all, the image of the tiger is distinguished by decisiveness and independence, as well as in some way wildness. Therefore, the image should be created somewhat softened and feminine. Otherwise, instead of a playful tigress, you will be a crude likeness of a free animal.


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