Hollywood manicure


Hollywood manicure

Every Hollywood movie star has well-groomed nails and impeccable manicure. If earlier ordinary girls could only dream of such nail-art, now it has become a reality.

Hollywood manicure is a special technique for covering nails. It originated in 2007. Its main highlight is an incredibly beautiful shine. The most interesting thing is that all this is created using special materials.

All about nails «Hollywood manicure»

It is worth noting that there are two types of such nail art, the main difference of which is the materials used:

  • manicure with thermal film;
  • covering the nail plate with special foil.

The first option is also called the Hollywood Minx manicure, which looks perfect in the form of a French, moon or ordinary classic. To date, there are more than 400 shades of thermal film.

The most interesting thing is that such beauty lasts from one and a half to three weeks. Basically, thermal film is applied in beauty salons, but it can also be done at home. You can easily remove it yourself. In addition, such a coating is resistant to all kinds of mechanical damage. And even those who are prone to allergies can wear this manicure.

If we talk about the Hollywood manicure created with the help of foil, then it can be repeatedly seen on well-groomed nails of such beauties as Beyoncé and Rihanna.

A huge advantage of a manicure is that it does not need to be dried, and there will be no need to worry that the varnish will “smear”. In addition, such foil can be applied at home without special skills for this. The material differs in structure and principle of application.

Foil can be both tear-off and transfer. Beginners are advised to try, first of all, the last type. It is not only cheaper, but also easier to use, unlike tear-off.


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