Floral print manicure


floral print manicure

Flowers on nails are one of the most popular nail design ideas. Girls love romance, tenderness and spring mood. Therefore, flowers are increasingly decorating women’s fingers. In addition, the floral print is not difficult to perform, but looks unusual, stylish and beautiful. Any outfit can be complemented with a manicure with a pattern of flowers. After all, there is a wide variety of options for such a design.

One of the most popular is flower nail-art, which adorns all nails. Of course, such a design is quite painstaking, especially if the fashionista has chosen a small-scale drawing. But simple large flowers or individual buds, one for each nail, are also possible. In any case, your fingers will be stylish and in line with fashion trends.

Today it is very important to decorate nails with a floral print manicure on several fingers. The rest of the nails remain monochromatic. As a rule, such a design is quite contrasting. Flowers on the nails are done in a more delicate style, and nail polish without a pattern is chosen in a rich color. However, you can do the opposite, thereby emphasizing your individuality. Fantasy plays a big role in such a manicure. And the more developed you are, the better.

French manicure with floral print

The flower jacket on the nails looks very gentle and unusual. Such a manicure can be done in two ways. Flowers can decorate a classic or colorful design. Or a strip along the edge of the nail can be imitated by a flower twig or a bouquet. A green French manicure with a floral print over a strip is considered very popular. This design resembles lush grass with delicate flowers and is great for light summer looks. A similar nail-art in light colors with the addition of rhinestones or sparkles will perfectly complement a wedding or evening outfit.


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