Fashionable manicure — winter 2016


Stylists recommend that fashionistas pay no less attention to nails in winter than in summer. From year to year, manicure masters offer stylish novelties and trends of the season. Fashionable manicure winter 2015-2016 is an unusual and varied solution in nail design. Stylists offer a wide range of interesting ideas, and the most popular of them are as follows:

  1. space print. The most fashionable manicure of winter 2016 was space design. Interesting abstractions of beautiful shades with the addition of stars, planets and meteorites look very original in a winter look.
  2. Rhinestones, sequins, broths. Any winter bow will be perfectly complemented by nails with beautiful pebbles, beads and shiny elements. Rhinestones, broths and sequins are very popular because such designs can be easily made on your own.
  3. Saturated solid. The most relevant everyday manicure for the winter has become a monochromatic nail coating with a bright and catchy color. Thus, stylists offer to highlight beautiful well-groomed hands and add a rich element to a stylish look.
  4. Knitted manicure. The trend of the fall-winter 2015-2016 season was a fashionable manicure with an imitation of a knitted pattern. This design looks very cozy and beautiful. You can make a similar pattern with acrylic nail polish.

Fashionable manicure colors — autumn-winter 2015-2016

Choosing the color of manicure in the new season should be based on the outfit. The most relevant shades for a formal attire will be cold colors, which are best for space design. Bouillons, rhinestones and sparkles look beautiful on pastel shades of varnishes. For a monochromatic manicure, bright varnishes of green, red, burgundy, and purple are considered relevant. A fashionable knitted manicure in the winter of 2016 should be done with the help of warm shades of nude, beige and brown colors and winter colors of pink and blue.

Also, the theme of the New Year holidays is relevant — a manicure with snowflakes, snowmen, Christmas trees and other attributes of the New Year will look stylish and original on the nails.


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