How to get out of the friendzone?


how to get out of friendzone

In order to understand whether a guy or a girl is in the friend zone or not, you must first understand for yourself what the friend zone is.

What does friendzone mean?

Friendzone literally means friend zone or friend zone. This means that the guy or girl is included in the circle of friends or girlfriends of this or that girl or guy. Accordingly, all communication with a friend from the friend zone usually comes down to talking on the phone, salaries for life, borrowing money until better times, or, as some do, to venting their anger or resentment on the interlocutor. There have never been any love relationships in the friend zone, and there cannot be. So a guy can not imagine in his thoughts that now the girl is his friend, but then a miracle will happen, and she will see how good he is and fall in love with him without memory. This will never happen.

How do you know if you’re in the friendzone?

In order to understand whether a guy is in the friend zone of a girl or not, you do not need to have seven spans in your forehead. If a girl is not eager to meet a guy in person, but prefers to chat with him on the phone, especially while discussing her problems and the problems of her girlfriends, this indicates one thing, the guy is in the friend zone.

Also, if the guy earns well enough or he has wealthy parents, then the girl may make requests of this kind, such as “buy me this, and then I will give you the money.” Usually the money is not returned, and the guy is still waiting and hoping for a manifestation of feelings from his beloved.

How to get out of the friendzone?

In order to get out of the friend zone, there are several options. The very first and most important option is to try to change yourself, because if a girl is not interested in a guy as an object of adoration, then the young man is simply not interesting to her. We must try to correct this situation.

The most important thing in such a situation is to switch your attention to something else: you need to go in for sports or go on a trip, find yourself some kind of hobby. Do not get hung up on this girl even when she begins to understand that the guy with whom she was just friends is much more interesting and attractive than she thought, and she herself begins to look for a meeting with him.

The second way out of the friend zone is a sharp abyss from her world. That is, not answering calls, not accessing social networks, so that the girl feels that something is wrong and would start looking for her friend herself, even if she just gets bored, this will be a definite plus. A guy can’t disappear for a long time, unless of course he wants the girl to completely forget him. Enough about five days. These two options are the best for getting out of a girl’s friend zone.

How to get a girl out of the friend zone?

The most important thing for a girl to stop being a friend to a guy is to arouse his jealousy by any means. Jealousy is a strong feeling, if you wake it up in a guy, he will move mountains in order to possess the object of his adoration. what does friendzone meanBut it is necessary to flirt and cause jealousy in a guy in moderation, so that in the end it does not turn into hatred.

It is also worth trying to change your image. Change hair, makeup, make a new manicure, change the style of clothing. It is necessary to change your image in such a way as to show all the femininity that nature has awarded the girl. It is necessary to try to do everything so that he does not see a friend in the girl, with whom you can just chat about life. It is necessary that he feel like a protector who can save the girl from all misfortunes. So fragile, tender and vulnerable. But the main thing in this task is not to overplay.


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