blue nails


blue nails

As you know, nails reflect the state of human health, so any changes should be taken as a reason to see a doctor and examine the body. Normal nails have a smooth surface, the correct shape and a pale pink color. Let’s try to figure out what a change in the color of the nails can mean, namely, if the nails are blue.

Blue fingernails or toenails — causes

Among the reasons for this phenomenon are the most diverse.


This is one of the most common causes of bluish nails. With a severe bruise, the nail plate can change color completely. This is a large hematoma under the nail. After a slight blow, a blue spot may form on the nail.

Wrong manicure or pedicure

If the cuticle or burrs are unsuccessfully trimmed, the nail plate can be injured, which sometimes also causes blueness, as well as grooves on the nails.

Poor quality nail products

The use of expired or containing many harmful components of nail polish, as well as nail polish remover, can not only lead to a change in the shade of the nail (blue, yellowing), but also to delamination, destruction of the nail plate.

Wearing tight shoes

Uncomfortable shoes that squeeze your toes are also often the cause of blue nails.

Taking certain medications

It has been established that treatment with certain drugs can affect the color of the nail plates and cause them to turn blue. This applies to antimalarials, minocycline, silver nitrate.

Liver disorders

If the nails are blue at the base (near the hole), this may indicate pathological processes in the liver (for example, it may be hemochromatosis).

Wilson’s disease

Blue nails can be a symptom of a congenital disorder of copper metabolism (Wilson’s disease), leading to disorders of the central nervous system and internal organs.

Poor circulation

If the nail first acquires a blue color, and then the finger begins to turn blue, this may be a sign of an acutely developing blue nail after impactcirculatory disorders. As a result, tissues suffer from a lack of oxygen, which can be very dangerous.

Congestive heart failure

With this pathology, stagnation of blood occurs in the veins, which leads to blue, both nails and skin.


Another reason for the appearance of blue color on the nails is the presence of a fungal infection. With nail fungus, deformation and thickening of the nail plate, itching, and an unpleasant odor are also observed.


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