New Year’s manicure for long nails 2021 — beautiful ideas of brilliant chic nail art


New Year's manicure for long nails 2021 - beautiful ideas of brilliant chic nail art

New Year’s trendy manicure for long nails 2021 should ideally fit your holiday look, look beautiful and spectacular. In anticipation of the upcoming holidays, every girl is looking for the best design that will decorate her fingers at the celebration. But which one to choose? Modern nail painting techniques and a color palette of actual colors provide a huge selection of interpretations for every taste.

Ideas for New Year’s manicure 2021 for long nails

The longer the nail length, the more spacious the canvas for the realization of the most original designs. Leading masters in the nail industry presented amazing ideas for New Year’s manicure for long nails. Diverse outlines of the plate are welcome, from the classic oval shape to the daring pointed silhouette. When choosing a shade of coating, pay attention to the following colors:

  • purple;
  • blue;
  • peach;
  • red;
  • black;
  • blue;
  • white;
  • silvery;
  • golden.

With the help of cutting-edge techniques, you can achieve a more sophisticated design. More popular are the effect of a matte surface, rubbing, cat’s eye, ombre. Do not forget about the classic jacket in non-traditional terms. If you prefer a manicure for long nails New Year’s design — consider thematic images and stickers. You can stop at the techniques of 3D cobwebs, geometric, animalistic, floral ornaments. For lovers of the glamorous direction, sequins, rhinestones, foil elements are available.

New Year's manicure ideas

New Year’s manicure 2021 with a bull

The year of the white metal bull is closer every day. Meeting the winter holidays with accents and symbols of the coming year, you can attract good luck, prosperity and happiness. This applies not only to the decoration of the house, clothing, but also the design of marigolds. The stylists did not miss the upcoming trend and offered a beautiful New Year’s manicure for long nails with diverse drawings of a bull.

As a base color, it is better to choose light or dark varnishes. Delicate variants with vanilla, apricot, menthol, powdery tints have become widespread. However, it was not without coloristic coral, emerald, lemon, purple, aquamarine, fiery solutions. A more interesting result can be achieved with the help of newfangled techniques and decorative details.

New Year's manicure with a bull

New Year’s manicure 2021 for long sharp nails

The nail industry from year to year pleases with new stylistic trends and extraordinary trends. New Year’s manicure for long sharp nails won ladies’ hearts this season. Any connoisseur of experiments will easily decide on a pointed shape and emphasize it with an exclusive design. Bright colors, additional drawings and decorative elements will help to focus on the upcoming holidays.

The tonal range provides light, tone and colorful shades. Pomegranate, canary, fiery, coniferous, azure, blue, violet executions will not leave you without the attention of others. And neutral black, white, milky, gray, beige colors and light New Year’s manicure will make your solemn look more feminine and elegant. Do not lose sight of themed pictures and stickers, matte and glossy finishes.

New Year's manicure for long sharp nails

New Year’s manicure for long nails almond shape

The almond-shaped outline of the nail plate is considered the most feminine, versatile and stylish. It is very important that there is an appropriate length to achieve the desired silhouette. Among the huge variety of chic reproductions, you can find charming interpretations in the business, romantic, casual or holiday trend.

New Year’s manicure 2021 for long nails almond provides a large selection of diverse shades. Lovers of bright accents will definitely like lemon, brick, raspberry, carrot, aquamarine, cobalt, green and purple tones. Among the decorative additions, 3D cobwebs, rhinestones, sparkles, drawings of solemn paraphernalia, stickers and inscriptions are welcome. When choosing a pattern, it is better to focus on minimalist geometric, animal, floral motifs.

trendy manicure for almond long nails

New Year’s manicure for long square nails

This year, naturalness is held in high esteem, so it is worth considering the most natural outlines. A simple New Year’s manicure for long square-shaped nails is very popular. A well-chosen idea can not only decorate your hands, but also fully complete the festive bow. Since the silhouette is considered the most aesthetic in terms of geometry, you can complement the design with striped, checkered, triangular ornaments.

Demand is rapidly acquiring solid colors, they look beautiful, neat and restrained. If you prefer a combination of several shades, check out the options in the ombre technique. Lovers of the classics will love the French New Year’s manicure for long nails 2021 with extraordinary elements and additions. The effect of a matte coating broadcasts a stunning velvet surface, and rubbing in will give a stunning iridescent result.

manicure for the new year square shape

New Year’s manicure 2021 for long nails ballerina

Each girl takes care of her hands and nails in her own way, but all the young ladies in the world want to pick up the current interpretation for the New Year. During the period of trend innovations, the form of a ballerina became widespread. The outline is characterized by a trapezoidal figure with rounded contours and square corners. New Year’s manicure for long nails ballerina appeared in the most original reproductions.

The color palette suggests bright, delicate and dark shades. Pay attention to pink, red, yellow, emerald, purple, orange tones. Among pastel solutions, lilac, peach, vanilla, pistachio, mint, light crimson, sky blue colors have become more in demand. The most daring young ladies can afford exclusive silver or gold coatings, additional decorations in the form of rhinestones, diverse patterns, beads and patterns.

New Year's manicure for long nails ballerina shape

New Year’s manicure for long oval nails

New Year’s manicure for long oval nails is one of the most relevant and popular. Such a silhouette acts as the most versatile and practical solution, and the length allows you to realize ideas of any complexity. If desired, you can recreate an exquisite feminine design or stop at colorful rich colors. Modern nail art techniques will help to personify a matte, glossy or mother-of-pearl surface.

In the top of the most relevant colors are raspberry, fiery, cobalt, lemon, violet, herbal shades. They can be interestingly beaten with contrasting ornaments. A bright New Year’s manicure will look more solemn with additional rhinestones, sparkles and foil elements. Minimalist trends inherit the techniques of 3D cobwebs, unique inscriptions, geometric trends, drawings in the winter theme.

New Year's manicure on oval long nails

New Year’s manicure with stickers for long nails

In anticipation of the seasonal holidays, every lady is looking for an original idea for decorating her nails. Leading masters of the nail industry and stylists could not leave fashionistas without a selection of fresh identical interpretations. Special stickers with pictures of holiday paraphernalia will help you quickly reproduce a light New Year’s manicure on long nails. As a result, you will get a stunning design that will look feminine and pretty.

When choosing adhesive parts, pay attention to the images of Snow Maidens, Santa Clauses, reindeer, snowmen, snowflakes and bullfinches. For connoisseurs of exclusive expressions, it is better to get acquainted with individual inscriptions. As a base shade, you can choose neutral shades of black, white, gray, milky, beige. Colorful designs with brick, pink, emerald, purple, canary tints are also available.

New Year's manicure with stickers

New Year’s manicure ombre

New Year’s youth manicure provides for bold stylistic decisions and the use of cutting-edge varnishing techniques. The ombre effect with neat transitions from one color to another has gained great popularity. The main advantage of the idea is the visual lengthening of the nail plate, so it is not necessary to build it up artificially.

The design can be presented in a glossy or matte finish. In any case, your fingers will look as feminine and elegant as possible. Enlisting the help of your favorite master, you will get the perfect New Year’s manicure for long nails 2021 for the upcoming holidays. Optionally, you can emphasize the performance with sequins, rhinestones, foil, 3D cobwebs or geometric, animal prints.

ombre manicure for the new year

New Year’s French manicure 2021 for long nails

French-style marigolds are suitable for everyday leisure, working days, dates and special occasions. Therefore, such options become more popular before the holidays. Every year, trends change, the range of techniques and opportunities is replenished too. The classic version involves a beige base with white smiles around the edges.

The ultra-modern New Year’s French manicure for long nails is available in fished outlines. The base color may differ in coloristic garnet, purple, emerald, pink, lemon, coniferous, aquamarine tints. And the contour suggests beveled or double expressions. Additionally, the effect of rubbing, ombre, cat’s eye will help to emphasize the design features.

new year french manicure

New Year’s shiny manicure for long nails

Representatives of the glamorous direction will definitely like shimmering ideas for marigolds. They will be a great accent for any look and complement every outfit. New Year’s manicure with sparkles for long nails is perfect for a square, pointed, oval, almond shape and a ballerina shape. Iridescent elements can cover one, several or all fingers at once.

The tonal range provides diverse shades for every taste. Universal black, white, graphite, light gray, beige, milky colors have become more popular. Do not forget about rich emerald, wine, lilac, aquamarine, azure, yellow, coral, carrot colors.

shiny New Year's manicure

Delicate New Year’s manicure for long nails

Nude New Year’s manicure for long nails quickly won ladies’ sympathy, thanks to the gentle presentation and proximity to naturalness. They look perfect on oval, almond and square shapes. The favorite colors of the modern fashionable public are beige, milky, lilac, light brown, coffee, vanilla, powdery, sky blue tones. If desired, they can be highlighted with contrasting bright patterns or stickers. Don’t forget about the latest techniques and effects. Do not be afraid to experiment and try new directions.

gentle New Year's manicure

Red New Year’s manicure for long nails

Many women of fashion with the onset of the winter period prefer a bright New Year’s manicure for long nails. This is the perfect solution for girls who love to look spectacular and beautiful. This design will grab the attention of others and help you stand out from the crowd. Thanks to modern techniques, velvety, iridescent, glossy finishes are available. The scarlet palette suggests many diverse shades. The most popular were watermelon, pomegranate, ruby, rusty, tomato, alizarin, cherry, strawberry, wine, pomegranate tones.

red New Year's manicure

Blue New Year’s manicure for long nails

Some scientists suggest that the blue color is endowed with unique qualities, others call it a masculine shade. However, the best masters and leading stylists proclaimed ultramarine, denim, azure, cobalt varnishes as the most popular in the field of nail art. A modern New Year’s manicure for long nails in blue tones will look beautiful on any form of platinum. It can be interestingly presented in combination with snow-white patterns or an ombre effect. Among the decorative additions, sequins, images and stickers deserve your attention.

blue New Year's manicure

Black New Year’s manicure for long nails

Nails with a black monochromatic coating will be the perfect accent for everyday, walking, romantic, office or formal bows. Due to their neutral color, they are considered universal, they can be additionally beaten with thematic drawings, exclusive inscriptions, geometric, animalistic, floral prints. A dark New Year’s manicure for long nails will look more elegant with a matte or glossy surface. When choosing coloristic accents, it is better to focus on contrasting shades or shiny varnishes.

New Year's dark manicure for long nails

White New Year’s manicure for long nails

Snow-white shades are the choice for girls who prefer concise, restrained and delicate outfits. Therefore, if you have not yet decided on the design of nails for the upcoming holidays, you can pick up white nail art with an exclusive design. It is important to note that such solutions will brighten up any shape of the plate. New Year’s light manicure for long nails can be implemented using the effect of rubbing, cat’s eye, ombre. Additional decorations broadcast sequins, rhinestones, foil or 3D cobwebs.

white New Year's manicure for long nails

New Year’s silver manicure for long nails

Silver accents will perfectly fit not only into festive looks, but also into everyday life. It is better to consider minimalist ideas using the rubbing technique, shiny stretch marks and other iridescent elements. They can be displayed on one or more nails, and the most daring young ladies prefer to decorate all 10 fingers with sparkles. New Year’s chic manicure long nails goes well with bright color shades, pastel varnishes and dark rich tones.

New Year's silver manicure for long nails

Matte New Year’s manicure for long nails

Among the wide range of various design variations, velvet coverings always stand out. They always look feminine, concise and stylish, so you definitely will not go unnoticed. You can choose the basic colors yourself, focusing on the leading trends and trends in the nail industry. The most common are all kinds of shades of red, blue, green. Manicure New Year’s nail design with a matte surface can be combined with gradients and diverse decorative details.

matte New Year's manicure for long nails

New Year’s manicure with a pattern for long nails

When choosing images to embody the desired interpretation, pay attention to the festive winter paraphernalia. Pictures of Santa Claus, Snow Maiden, snowflakes, bullfinches, snowmen, reindeer and Christmas trees will brighten up your nails in the best way. Among the abundance of shades, each young lady will choose the perfect tone, regardless of taste preferences and age. Therefore, if you have not yet decided on the desired design, a New Year’s manicure with a pattern is the best solution.

fashionable New Year's manicure with a pattern


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