Kim Kardashian thinks about death? The socialite made a beauty testament!


Kim Kardashian thinks about death?  The socialite made a beauty testament!

Can Kim Kardashian surprise his fans and society reporters with something? It turns out that yes! The reality TV star, who is used to talking in detail about her personal life and being photographed half-naked, shocked journalists the other day.

In a recent interview, Kim admitted that she had already prepared a will and even talked about its contents. You will never guess what information the outrageous beauty considered so important to put it in her will! This is not her last will regarding property, money, securities. Kim ordered how she wants to look, lying in a coffin!

Kim Kardashian spoke about deathDoes death suit her? And if not, makeup will fix everything!

The beloved wife of Kanye West made precise instructions about her posthumous appearance in her will. She thought out her death bow to the smallest detail. Mrs. Kardashian really wants to be remembered by this world as bright, beautiful and well-groomed.

Kim wants to be beautiful in a coffin

Everything is written in the will of the TV star: styling, makeup, clothes. It turns out that this woman is already thinking about eternity, despite her relatively young age and good health:

“What if I’m in such a bad state that I can’t even talk, let alone formulate my thoughts and desires? I want my make-up to be flawless, as well as my hair and manicure. I dream of looking just perfect in the coffin.

Kim Kardashian made an unusual will

The document, which is already with the notary, details the nuances of makeup and even indicates the color of nail polish.

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Interestingly, such revelations of Kardashian is another way to attract attention, or a specific joke? Or maybe Kim just starts to slowly “go crazy” from obsession with her own appearance?


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