French manicure 2016


french manicure 2016

In 2016, the French remains the most popular and versatile manicure for any look. Stylists offer this design for both extended and natural nails. Also, French manicure stylishly decorates any length and shape of nails, which once again speaks of its versatility. The versatility of this type of design can also be seen in the fashionable ideas of French manicure 2016. This makes it possible to make a stylish choice for any wardrobe — youth, evening, casual and even sports.

French Manicure Fashion Trends 2016

The main idea of ​​French manicure 2016 was a beautiful solution in nail decoration. Thus, expressiveness, representativeness and elegance are the main trends in French design this season. Let’s see what French manicure is popular in 2016?

Classic. The most versatile, suitable for any situation and wardrobe, is a jacket with a white stripe and a natural base. In this form, the choice of milky, peach and pale pink varnish is also allowed.

Foil, glitter, casting. The fashionable style of French manicure 2016 is the millennium design. The use of glittery fragments is sure to draw attention to stylish nails. However, if in past seasons bouillons, glitter and decorative shiny sand were popular types of decoration, now such decor has lost its relevance. This year, the French millennium is fashionable to do with the help of foil, sparkles or add cast gold patterns.

multi-colored jacket. An ideal choice for a warm season and youth-style wardrobe would be a combination of different shades in French design. Rainbow nail-art, contrasting abstractions, as well as a catchy base with highlighting the edge line in classic white are considered fashionable multi-colored French manicure 2016. This design is perfect for this season’s trend — a bright style.

Fan French with decor. Fantasy French manicure is a stylish choice for every day, as well as for themed looks. This year, a combination of a jacket with a moon design, trim with rhinestones, liquid stones, as well as a beautiful painting is considered a fashionable solution. Contrasting abstractions, floral drawings and an animalistic theme have gained great popularity. But a monochromatic color jacket is still relevant.


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