Blue nail design — 66 photos of beautiful designs for every taste


Blue nail design - 66 photos of beautiful designs for every taste

Do you want an original and trendy blue nail design? Feel free to combine the color and all its shades with a diverse decor in the form of rhinestones, «broken glass», trendy kamifubuki and «marble» pattern. Ethno, retro and futuristic motifs are popular this season.

Nail design 2018 with blue color

If you like blue nails, design 2018 offers a lot of variations from a monochromatic finish, because the color itself and its entire palette have become the top leaders of the coming season, to whole complex plot compositions — an extravagant choice for the upcoming holidays. Along with a delicate manicure in a minimalist style, the French and “Hollywood” smiles remain in fashion, both with and without openwork, and attract the eye:

  • game of contrasts;
  • varnishes that create a three-dimensional effect;
  • hand and screen painting;
  • dilution with stylish shiny decor.

nail design 2018 with blue colorblue nails design 2018

Blue nail design for short nails

A beautiful blue nail design in a minimalist style combines two shades of the dominant color or is diluted with white, silver or beige and nude. To make your fingers look their best all the time, designers offer to make a laconic manicure with the addition of sparkles and airbrush patterns, and for a holiday, experiment with openwork painting.

blue nail design for short nailsblue nail design

If even in extreme cold you want a little warmth and sunny brightness, then an interesting blue design of short nails with multi-colored kamifubuki is what you need. For lovers of rich, but not catchy glitter, you can try to combine a blue and blue palette with glitter, and lay out a relief winter pattern in the form of snowflakes with rhinestone ornaments harmoniously matched to the tone.

blue short nail design

Blue nail design for long nails

A dark blue nail design with accents on one or two nails looks flawless on a trendy length, whether it is shiny sand, an abstract geometric pattern in the main color on a beige base, rhinestone edging along the moon and a full inlay or diamond pattern. Do not forget that the modern shape is a classic oval and a non-sharp square, the maximum length is 5 mm, and any extra long stilettos have left the podium.

blue nail design for long nailsdark blue nail design

The blue design of long nails of a soft square chameleon shape with knitted ornaments of powder and sparkles looks original. Due to the deep dark tone of the base, voluminous pattern and lacquer overflows, such a manicure will easily fit under an evening ensemble of expensive velvet and panne velvet, as well as elegant everyday hit suits made of velveteen and velor in harmonious shades. Eye-catching «broken glass», laid out differently on each nail.

dark blue nail design 2018

Trendy blue nail design

What nail design with blue lacquer do the leading nail-art masters consider trendy in the coming winter season?

  1. color combination. On the rise, the blue gamma is combined with white, blue, black, red and yellow hues, gold, silver and green-blue ombre.
  2. patterns. Blurry and clear abstraction, geometric shapes, checks and stripes, floral, animalistic and plant motifs, space themes, «marble» and plot drawings, monograms and frosty frost.

trendy blue nail design

  1. Decor. Embossed «velvet» with the use of powder, rubbing, inlay with rhinestones and pebbles, «broken glass» and confetti, highlighting the moon and a brilliant jacket, glitter, screen prints and deep desing, three-dimensional prints and hand-painted. Stylish: a blue nail design with accents on a maximum of three fingers, but on different hands, and a combination of no more than two diverse patterns in one plot.

blue nail polish design

Blue and white nail design

Hot ideas — nail design in blue tones with «marble» and a non-trivial manicure in a catchy dark blue design with Chinese painting in contrast. To create a unique design on short nails with a non-sharp square, hand-painted monograms in white and blue tones with rhinestone splashes are suitable, and an exquisite solution with a laconic Greek ornament will equally perfectly complement both business ensembles and evening dresses.

blue and white nail designblue nail design

On the rise, folk floral motifs, for example, «Gzhel» and «Zhostovo» in white and blue shades, which are drawn by hand on several nails, they look stylish on a classic jacket. Do not go out of fashion:

  • triangular smile and rhinestone decor;
  • asymmetrical openwork;
  • airbrush with a variety of patterns.

nail design blue with white 2018blue nail design 2018

Blue french nail design

Another hit is a blue jacket nail design with a pattern, which in elegant nail art is diluted with discreet decor with an emphasis on several nails, two smiles are combined in one version and hand-painted openwork is added. An incomparable French manicure with a two-tone jacket on ovals, decorated with floral ornaments and small rhinestones — an original choice for smart casual and wedding dresses. The classic smile in the style of minimalism and the gentle moon jacket, combining rich blue with sparkles and pastel shades, remain in fashion.

blue french nail designblue french nail design with a pattern

Nail design blue with gold

The top three trendy combinations include a blue and gold nail design, it can be safely called one of the best winter combinations, especially with the use of «gold» foil and white or «silver» frosty patterns and snowflakes. They look non-trivial:

  • embossed «golden» abstraction under the skin of reptiles in blue and blue variations;
  • «Hollywood» and French brilliant smile, both standard and unusual forms;

nail design blue with goldnail design blue with gold 2018

  • delicate delicate accents;
  • voluminous blue nail design with gel polish «cat’s eye» and airbrushing in a «gold» frame;

blue with gold nail design 2018

  • aquarium, sand and sparkles.

blue and gold nail design

Blue nail design with rhinestones

For several years in a row, the blue and white nail design with rhinestones has not lost its position, and this winter, stylists offer to apply openwork patterns and rhinestones of various sizes on “voluminous” varnishes and shellac. Super strong for the new year: combinations of frost, pebbles and starry sky; varied snowflakes, dot patterns and fun fairy tale characters and animals on a rich glossy base.

blue nail design with rhinestones

The blue nail design with inlaid large and small rhinestones was created for those who prefer oriental luxury, and in order not to overdo it and match the spirit of the times, it is better to focus on one finger, decorating it with a rhinestone ornament on a contrasting basis. Excellent options — nail design with blue large-shaped rhinestones on white lacquer, framed with small shiny pebbles.

blue and white nail design with rhinestones

blue cat eye nail design

Modern design of nails in dark blue color is obtained on a shining varnish with a multidimensional effect. Fashion ideas:

  • dilution with powder and openwork contrasting patterns;
  • a combination of a cat’s eye with black glossy varnish, on which a pattern is applied on one hand and rhinestones along an oval on the other;

blue cat eye nail design

  • a combination with a matte finish and highlighting it with velvet monograms with curls;

dark blue nail design

  • blue nail design with folk motifs on a white background;
  • cat eye manicure with laconic rhinestone splashes on the moon in a minimalist style.

dark blue nail design 2018

Matte blue nail design

Blue matte nails look stylish, the design of which includes a combination of gloss and matte with a rhinestone asymmetrical frame along the oval in the middle of the nail plate, and a matte gradient with an accent on the moon will be a wonderful option for every day. A chic holiday solution for women who prefer matte varnishes will be a dark blue nail design:

  • with the addition of a glossy finish and abstract white patterns on a dominant basis;

matte blue nail design

  • with a relief rhinestone and floral ornament on a nude palette, combining several techniques.

blue matte nails design

Blue ombre nail design

A beautiful blue nail design is a variety of smooth gradient transitions in combination with the main palette. At the peak of popularity: blue and pink, white-blue and blue-green overflows. The manicure is incomparable — a delicate ombre with a transition from light pink to bottle shades in rich blue with elegant several lines and small rhinestones on them. An original and winning option for every day — a white-blue glossy gradient with an airbrush and a multidimensional effect, openwork cobwebs on a green-blue transition and a black-blue moon ombre.

blue ombre nail designbeautiful blue nail design

Blue nail design with rubbing

Stylish blue nail design, which has become one of the seasonal hits, is obtained using multi-colored powder. Pearl and pink rubbing on a dark base color looks unusually sophisticated, and airbrush drops under the skin of reptiles and a blurry abstraction add a touch of charm to laconic monotonous options with blue powder. For festive and solemn occasions, nail art uses “gold” and “silver” painting in an oriental style, various contrasts, inlay of several nails, ombre effect and mirror rubbing.

blue nail design with rubbingstylish blue nail design

Blue nail design with rubbing

stylish blue nail design 2018blue nail design with rubbing 2018


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