16 things to do when you’re really bored


Do you remember what you did before the advent of the Internet?

1. Discover coloring by numbers.


They cost from 500 to 1500 rubles, and entertain you for hours, and sometimes for days.

2. Paint the jewelry with clear varnish.


And your gold-plated jewelry will sparkle much longer.

3. Send a couple of postcards to a friend from another country.


Mail! She’s back and she’s on trend again. Spend an evening at the stationery store choosing vintage or just cute postcards and send them to your friends. You will feel better. You can even make your own postcards!

4. Add some magic to alcohol.

Ice cream

You can spend half a day bored on the couch with a can of beer. Or you can find recipes for ice cream with alcohol and make it with your friends.

5. Assemble the puzzle.


What for? Because you probably forgot how cool it is to collect puzzles. In addition, it develops your brain.

6. Try an intricate manicure.


It will take a lot of patience, but freedom from boredom is guaranteed! You can, for example, use these master classes.

7. Set up a small herb garden in the kitchen.


You will need:

  • houseplants (eg philodendron);
  • jars;
  • round holders for cans;
  • boards;
  • land for indoor plants;
  • plant drainage.


  1. Attach the jar clip to the board.
  2. Attach the board to the wall.
  3. Lay a drain in the bottom of the jar, fill it with earth, then transplant the plant. Add more land.
  4. Insert the jars into the holders and secure them.

8. Start collecting vinyl.


Plates are cool. Also, looking for old and cheap records in a store near your home or a large shopping center may well become your new hobby.

9. Refresh your knowledge from school.


There are many books that collect the most valuable information for all 11 years.

10. Color different keys with nail polish.


What for? Well, because you’re bored. And so the keys will be easier to find, and they will look better.

11. Rearrange all your books.


Maybe by flowers? Or by genre? Or the books you’ve read versus the books you haven’t gotten to yet? Books are your friends.

12. Take up origami.


Another lesson during which you need to think, analyze, and creatively approach the solution of the problem. Once you understand the basics, move on to more complex and interesting things.

13. Spend seven minutes on these exercises.


14. Find a podcast you like, download it, and go for a walk with your headphones on.


15. Solve crossword puzzles.


Crossword puzzles make people smarter. This is true.

16. Get into making lists.


This is one of the most satisfying activities. There are classic lists of what needs to be done in a day. But there are a huge number of others — things that you can do for yourself, your home or pet. You can even start your own list of things to do when you’re bored.


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