Yellow manicure — fashion trends and interesting ideas


Yellow manicure - fashion trends and interesting ideas

You can give freshness to the image and make a bright sunny accent with the help of extraordinary nails. At the peak of popularity, yellow manicure remains, which does not imply any restrictions: it can be made in any design, decorated with an exclusive pattern.

Yellow manicure 2017 — fashion trends

The catchy color that characterizes the yellow manicure 2017 can not only be used for monochrome nail art. You can identify such trends that guide stylists when applying it:

  • violet, lilac, turquoise, cherry and coral shades will be incomparably combined with it;
  • nail art can be applied in a monochrome design, the main thing is to choose the right tone, it can be lemon, corn or gold. Such colors are uniquely combined with frilly figures or with a unique jacket;
  • the drawing on such nails will look extremely piquant, it is especially stylishly presented on short nail plates;
  • it is better not to highlight elongated nails in one color, it is recommended to dilute the yellow manicure with a different color or apply all kinds of shapes;
  • abstraction becomes trendy in 2017, which can contain from simple curls to well-thought-out images;
  • many women settle on a warm palette, golden or yellow-honey version;
  • for the summer period, a rich lime shade, mustard and saffron will look tempting;
  • neutral colors will perfectly complement the everyday look, for example, it can be the color of champagne;
  • in combination with the main one, the green tone looks incomparable.

yellow manicure 2017 fashion trends

Yellow manicure 2017

yellow manicure 2017beautiful yellow manicure

Manicure with yellow varnish

Sunny color is considered juicy and full in itself without any decoration. However, some young ladies resort to diluting the shade of the base and supplementing it with some details. These additions are able to present the design as completely new:

  1. Due to the fact that the color palette is very diverse, you can focus on cold, warm, pastel and bright colors, and by adding a certain shine you can make an evening manicure with yellow.
  2. Rhinestones and sequins have become essential decoration attributes, they add a showy shade. Rhinestones can highlight the entire nail or a separate part, for example, a smile or a lunula;
  3. The main color can be emphasized by highlighting any finger, for example, the ring finger, on which another similar or contrasting tone will be applied.

manicure with yellow polishyellow color manicure

Yellow manicure for short nails

Short nails are associated with maximum naturalness, which has been in demand for several years. Stylists advise creating such a manicure with yellow varnish on short nails:

  • the lemon-black combination looks exciting;
  • French or yellow moon manicure remains the invariable favorite;
  • you can choose both bright and discreet solutions, but you should not fill them with a lot of various details. The decor can be longitudinal lines, 3D drawings, an addition with acrylic powder, or a few fingers decorated with lace.

yellow manicure for short nailsmanicure with yellow polish on short nails

Yellow manicure for long nails

It is recommended to complement elongated nails with patterns so that a manicure in yellow tones looks more impressive. You can identify the following trends when applying it:

  • looks elegant on elongated nail plates combined with black;
  • peas or stripes will be suitable;
  • combinations with cherry and aquamarine shades look harmonious. If bright variations are selected, then you should not overload them with decor;
  • one of the rules for combining is that you need to take cold shades or stop at combining warm tones;
  • rhinestones and stickers are very expressively presented on elongated nails.

yellow manicure for long nailsyellow manicure

Yellow Manicure Ideas

For fashionistas who have decided to create a manicure with yellow varnish, ideas for applying it are presented in a variety of variations:

  • french remains relevant. To make it look natural, it is made of light colors, but some resort to a catchy option to attract attention;
  • moon nail art is also popular, and it is not necessary to use holes of the same size in it. It is allowed to highlight them using a variety of color palettes, all kinds of decorative elements. A transparent hole is considered a classic, while it can be highlighted with rhinestones;
  • yellow manicure is easily distinguished by rhinestones and patterns, here you can fantasize in any direction, but a contrasting pattern will look more expressive;
  • you can choose patterns, flowers, butterflies or abstraction;
  • warm shades are combined with orange, scarlet or light green, and cold shades are combined with blue, pink, gray and lilac. Depending on this, you can create nail art that suits a certain mood and effectively combines with selected wardrobe items.

yellow manicure ideasyellow nail polish ideas

Yellow matte manicure

The matte version, although not very expressive, allows you to create an extremely beautiful yellow manicure. With it, you can emphasize the nail plates that have an ideal shape, but keep in mind that any flaws will be very noticeable. Matte lacquer is ideal for seasoned everyday bows. When you need to add a twist, you can cover some nails with a shiny or textured varnish.

yellow matte manicure

Yellow manicure with rhinestones

Rhinestones become an indispensable attribute of decoration when you want to create an evening or solemn bow. With their help, you can arrange both bright and pale yellow manicure, and in both cases they will bring a special piquancy. The following variations of its application are possible:

  • selection of only one or two nails;
  • applying a certain ornament on some fingers or emphasizing the hole;
  • rhinestones can be used on all fingers, while placing one or two sparkles at the base of the nail plate would be an excellent option;
  • you can pick up rhinestones of any shape and size, they can shimmer in different shades;
  • encrustation can be rounded or triangular with a lot of stones or only 3-4 stones on one nail.

yellow manicure with rhinestonesbeautiful yellow manicure

Manicure yellow french

An incredibly organic solution would be a yellow French manicure that looks extremely bright. These are the main trends in its application:

  • the design is performed using a certain shade, cold tones are more suitable for light skin, and warm tones are harmoniously combined with dark skin;
  • a very organic combination is a yellow and white manicure, these tones mutually shade each other;
  • it is possible to decorate with paintings, stickers, circles or other figures;
  • the actual solution is to apply a bow to the tip of the nail plate; only one specific finger can be decorated with it.

yellow french manicure

Yellow moon manicure

One of the most popular is considered a yellow manicure with a “moon” design. The advantage is that it can be combined with any color variation:

  • bright lemon color can be supplemented with the most delicate shades and you will get not a bold, but an elegant composition;
  • in order for the play of colors to be visible in the nails, you need to shade the main color with others, for example, green;
  • another variation would be a combination with orange;
  • if the hole is transparent, then it is definitely recommended to emphasize it with rhinestones or a contrasting border.

yellow moon manicure

Yellow manicure with rubbing

Rubbing helps to create a mirror image on the nails, where a metallic sheen, mother-of-pearl overflows, a play of colors and a “chameleon” effect are visible. It is presented in the following variations:

  • among the shades that are incomparably suitable for this technique, one can designate gold;
  • gentle tones that are very close to natural are considered trendy;
  • if you want to create a bright yellow manicure, you can combine it with orange;
  • rubbing can be used in a jacket, while only the smile line can stand out;
  • a holographic effect is allowed, where the finger shimmers in several shades;
  • it should be borne in mind that only an oval, square or almond-shaped shape without any pointed corners is suitable for rubbing.

yellow manicure with rubbing

manicure yellow gradient

Fascinating play creates a yellow ombre manicure. To make it look especially impressive, follow these recommendations:

  • the main tone is combined with green, snow-white;
  • to make a bright accent, it is combined with orange, and for a more gentle performance, a gradual transition to blue is chosen;
  • vertical transitions are in trend, which, if desired, may not be on all fingers;
  • yellow summer manicure can be decorated with rhinestones and images that are applied to accent fingers;
  • french and moon can also contain characteristic transitions that will add juiciness to the flowers.

manicure yellow gradient

Yellow manicure with a pattern

When choosing a pattern that will complement the yellow manicure, you need to consider some factors:

  • since the varnish is bright in itself, it does not need to be supplemented with catchy and multi-color images, it is better to use an abstract composition made with straight and broken lines or curls in different colors;
  • a new solution is a yellow manicure with butterflies, which can be depicted in a variety of colors;
  • the image in the form of openwork knitting, lace and graphic forms will look great. They can cover both the entire nail plate and its certain part;
  • traced fruits, landscapes or images of animals look good;
  • if you wish, you can turn to the honey theme, it involves applying images of honeycombs or painting the nail platinum in amber-black stripes.

yellow manicure with a patternyellow manicure


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