Stylish manicure 2018 — the best ideas of the new season for short and long nails


Stylish manicure 2018 - the best ideas of the new season for short and long nails

The perfect appearance of the fair sex depends on many nuances and little things, such as makeup, hairstyle and stylish manicure. Many women cannot imagine their life without well-groomed hands. For any length and shape of nails there is an ideal solution, because modern techniques delight with their variety and possibilities.

Stylish manicure 2018 new items

Fashion does not stand still, but it does not rush forward at an unimaginable speed. Along with the new products, many techniques and ideas already familiar to us have smoothly passed this year, because they have not ceased to be in demand. This is confirmed by most famous personalities — stars of show business, mass media and cinema, who demonstrate their pens on TV screens and on personal pages on social networks. Eminent designers also set trends, whose models go to the podium with perfect stylish manicure. So, the novelties of the nail industry include:

  1. Oil design. It looks like iridescent stains, the effect of spilled oil. Such a stylish nail-art looks especially beautiful on a dark background. To create this decor, gel polish is used. Sometimes rub or foil can be used.
  2. stylish manicure 2018 new items

  3. crumpled foil. Such an original effect is achieved with the help of gel polish and a small piece of polyethylene.
  4. space effect. It is created in several ways: with the help of a special gel polish and a magnet, or a drawing drawn by hand by the master.
  5. stylish nail design

  6. «liquid stones«. Stylish nail design that is becoming more and more popular. To create a stone, gel polish and a special film imitating the transfusion of a real opal or ruby ​​are used. They can also use holographic sequins, rubbing, foil.
  7. Stylish manicure for short nails 2018

    Gone are the days when only long nails were considered beautiful. The realities of modern fashion trends indicate that a short nail plate is also in trend. This is a very practical length, because many women, due to certain circumstances, cannot wear others. Yes, and they look nice and neat. Nail industry stylists do not limit designs to this length. Stylish manicure for short nails is very diverse. Look great:

  • various interpretations of the classic jacket;
  • matte finish variations;
  • rhinestones, small or medium size. Large pebbles are also allowed, but in moderation.

An important role in the choice is played by the intended purpose — for everyday wear and a plain coating will be relevant. Stylish manicure 2018 depends on your imagination and the capabilities of the master, and the combination of techniques will double its beauty. On short nails, the popular and stylish red manicure looks very beautiful. It is possible to use shades of red, for example, burgundy, scarlet or coral.

stylish manicure for short nails 2018

Stylish manicure for short nails 2018

stylish manicure for short nailsbeautiful stylish manicure

Stylish manicure for long nails 2018

It is wonderful when nature rewarded you with a long and strong nail plate. And if you can’t grow them, then modern extension techniques will come to your aid. This is especially good in cases where a girl or woman has short fingers, because visually they become longer and slimmer. The length allows you to realize the most daring and vivid fantasies in the field of nail-art. There are techniques that are difficult to implement on a short plate, but a long one helps to reveal the beauty of a stylish manicure. These options include:

  • aquarium effect;
  • volumetric 3D effect;
  • large decor and drawings.

stylish manicure for long nails

Stylish nails 2018 are both bold, bright and catchy manicure, as well as concise, delicate using pastel shades of varnish. When choosing, it is worth considering the time of year. In winter, muted, deep tones of dark blue, green or gray look good. Add to it rhinestones, sparkles, sugar to match the base, or any other decor you like. But the summer stylish manicure 2018 is bright and acid colors. Alternatively, apply your favorite fruit pattern with a droplet effect.

stylish nails 2018most stylish manicure 2018

Stylish design of sharp nails 2018

Stylish sharp nails in themselves are already extraordinary and memorable, but even so, voluminous flowers, bright colors, rhinestones and drawings are common decor. But the delicate design and monochromatic coating is also relevant. «Sharpness» can be either very narrow or smooth, and the length can vary depending on your wishes. This shape makes the hand very neat, and the phalanges of the fingers are longer, which is a completely universal solution for many girls. Suitable for festive receptions and special occasions when you need to stand out.

stylish sharp nail designs 2018

Stylish design of sharp nails 2018

stylish sharp nailsbeautiful stylish manicure

Stylish Manicure Ideas 2018

Before proceeding to the choice of the actual design, you need to decide on the form, so as not to miscalculate and be on the crest of a wave of fashionable nail trends. As in many other areas of the beauty industry, there are no clear rules and restrictions in this regard. But the recommendations of stylists have a place to be, they will help you choose the most successful option. They consist of the following:

  • with a short plate, an almond-shaped shape of medium length or a soft square will look best;
  • for those who have long and thin fingers, a square shape is perfect;
  • for girls with an oval cuticle, the shape corresponding to it will be ideal.

You can decorate the hands of young girls, so popular now, with a mirror design, a unique and stylish ombre manicure or delicate colors of lacquer with patterns of grass, flowers, fruits and another similar idea. Actual and stylish manicure 2018 involves either a variety of minor accents, or bright and expressive details. In any case, it should not be boring and ordinary. Stylish, beautiful manicure 2018 should attract the views of others.

stylish manicure ideas 2018

Stylish Manicure Ideas 2018

stylish manicurestylish nail design

Stylish matte manicure 2018

It looks rich and aristocratic, pleasant and velvety to the touch. Looks great in a palette of deep dark and delicate light shades. Looks flawless on oval, almond and sharp shape. It will enrich the evening, festive look and wonderfully decorate the everyday bow. Stylish matte nails 2018 are complemented by original drawings, decorations and interesting color combinations. Looks beautiful in combination with a glossy or mirror varnish. For all its beauty and sophistication, the matte finish in light colors, unfortunately, is very easily soiled.

stylish matte manicure 2018

Stylish matte manicure 2018

stylish matte nails 2018stylish nails 2018

Stylish nude manicure 2018

Many have heard about nude manicure and, most likely, even did it. But, as it turned out, few understand the essence and nature of this design. Nude literally means naked, a similar name comes from the fact that the colors of the coating are used close to the shade of human skin. This design looks very gentle, romantic and feminine. In addition, modern fashion, in all its manifestations, gravitates towards naturalness and practicality. Such a stylish nail design 2018 wears well. Due to the fact that the colors of the varnish are light, it is not visible when the nail begins to grow.

stylish nude manicure 2018

Stylish nude manicure 2018

stylish nail design 2018most stylish nails 2018

Stylish monograms for nails 2018

A monogram is an interweaving of numerous curved lines, curls that form a single pattern. In the finished version, it is very similar to lace or a fantasy plant. In some cases, it slightly resembles the Arabic style of henna painting on the body «mehendi». Connections in this decor are carried out arbitrarily, the pattern depends on the imagination of the master. The pattern can be placed both along the entire canvas of the nail, and along its edge or on the sides, as if framing it. Often one or more fingers are decorated with monograms. Such curls are used as decoration for popular manicure techniques, such as:

  • veil;
  • french;
  • gradient design;
  • liquid stones.

stylish monograms for nails 2018

With such a pattern, a very beautiful, stylish manicure is obtained, but its creation will require the patience and experience of the master. If, for example, it is depicted on several fingers of both hands and you need to repeat the pattern as similar as possible, then in this case the stamping design helps a lot. The stamping technique creates a variety of drawings and prints identical to each other, using a special stamp.

Stylish manicure with a pattern 2018

Drawing occupies a special place among the many sought-after techniques and modern decor — it is a small work of art. It is very popular to depict nature, voluminous insects, various cartoon animals and other stylish drawings on nails. It can be depicted some small detail in the form of a flower or a full-fledged drawing. If the master is given artistic talent, and he draws beautifully with a brush, then such images are created by hand. But it happens that the master does a perfect manicure, but at the same time he doesn’t know how to draw — in this case, they use ready-made stickers.

Stylish geometry on nails

This design implies the image of clear lines and borders. Some drawings in this technique can visually lengthen plump fingers. The most stylish manicure in 2018 is a combination of different types of design. Therefore, geometry is wonderfully combined with many popular techniques. It can be a cat’s eye, and French manicure, and casting, and even kamifubuki. Geometric design provides an opportunity to beautifully play on contrasts, to combine a glossy finish with a matte finish in a very unusual interpretation. Suitable for decorating the manicure of women and girls of any age.

Stylish manicure with rhinestones

The most stylish manicure, in most cases, is not complete without pebbles that beautifully refract light. With their help, masterpieces are created in the hands of the beautiful half of humanity, which are great for a wedding or graduation event. You have to be careful with this kind of decoration, because there is a fine line between a beautifully designed design and outright bad taste. In the use of rhinestones, a measure is needed. It is better to use pebbles made of acrylic, glass, plastic and zirconium for decoration. Rhinestones perfectly complement the matte finish.

stylish manicure with rhinestones

Stylish manicure with rhinestones

most stylish manicurestylish nails 2018

Stylish moon manicure 2018

It is also called Hollywood or inverted jacket. When creating such a design, the base, the lunar part of the nail, can remain natural or painted in another suitable shade. A double or triple smile line looks unusual, which stands out with contrasting varnish colors. This design looks sophisticated, modern and very stylish nails are obtained. Often it is mixed with a classic jacket, gradient effect, rhinestones or made plain, which also looks beautiful. The depth and shape of the hole can be varied.

Stylish manicure for a business woman 2018

A modern successful woman cannot have neat hands without an actual manicure. But which option to choose with a strict work dress code? There are several mandatory rules for a manicure with which you can go to work: neatness, moderate length and neutral colors. Stylish, business manicure 2018 is an almond-shaped, oval or soft square. The free edge should not be left more than 5-6 mm. Create the most stylish nails in 2018 will help: nude, moon manicure, french, monochrome or matte finish. Everything should be in moderation and with taste.

stylish manicure for a business woman 2018

Stylish manicure for a business woman 2018

most stylish nails 2018beautiful stylish manicure


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