Knitted mitts


Knitted mitts

Fingerless gloves, like most of the most exquisite and original things, came to us from France, where this model is called mitaines. Mitts — elegant non-standard style gloves — were originally created not to emphasize the elegance of ladies’ fingers. Knitted mitts were worn by people of working professions: the thing gave warmth, hid calluses and did not hinder movements. As a fashion accessory, women’s mitts began to be used only at the end of the 18th century. Elegant fingerless gloves were sewn from different materials, fashion designers came up with original styles, decorating the hands of secular young ladies.

As is often the case in the fashion world, the practical thing aroused the interest of the opposite sex. The once exclusively female model of fingerless gloves began to acquire unisex features, prettified with rivets and other brutal accessories, and now bikers, cyclists, racers are already flaunting in mittens. True, men prefer to call mittens sports gloves or «fingerless».

What are they like?

Today, the variety of styles of fingerless gloves is so impressive that you won’t immediately understand what to wear mittens with. In fact, in creating a style, you should rely only on your own taste. Women’s mitts are selected either to match the rest of the things, or stop at a bright model that attracts attention due to the elegant contrast.

  1. Knitted mitts go well with voluminous jumpers and sweater dresses that are relevant in winter, the sleeves of which are no longer than three quarters. The most creative designers are advised to complement even such a conservative thing as a strict jacket with knitted mitts.
  2. Leather mitts are a great choice for lovers of gothic or brutal style of clothing. In combination with a leather raincoat or leather jacket, mitts will create the very image of a femme fatale.
  3. Long mitts look great in a lowered version. They can be worn with short sleeve tops and blouses.
  4. Openwork mitts are an accessory for ladies who have a feminine style in priority. In combination with an exciting blouse, openwork fingerless gloves will create the image of the Turgenev young lady.
  5. Mittens-sleeves look original with vests, and this is very important in the changeable weather of the demi-season, when the sun either shines or hides, and the air temperature jumps unpredictably.
  6. Evening mitts made of satin, guipure and other elegant materials look beautiful with strapless dresses and do not hide beautiful manicure and rings.

We warm pens

Who hasn’t had to rummage through their purse or type a text message on a frosty day? Oh, how I don’t want to take off my gloves, but there’s no other way. Caring designers have taken this moment into account and created transforming mitts that turn into a mitten thanks to a closed pocket. If necessary, it can be wrapped — and the fingers will have freedom of action, and the handles will not have time to freeze.

openwork mittens

In winter, mohair mittens are relevant. Angorka goat wool yarn, like all natural materials, gives real warmth. It’s good if you already have some fluffy mohair item in your wardrobe — whether it’s a sweater or a scarf, in combination with mitts you get a stylish set.

For needlewomen

Among admirers of knitting needles and a hook, knitted mittens are especially popular. The process of their creation does not take much time, and if you choose a style without membranes between the fingers, it will not be difficult to knit mittens even for a beginner needlewoman. Of course, knitting is leisure for the assiduous, but even sanguine fidgets sometimes want to take knitting needles, wrap themselves with skeins of yarn and weave something like that! So let it not be some banal scarf, but original fingerless gloves — a convenient and stylish accessory that has been in fashion for two centuries!


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