Why do warts appear on the hands?


why do warts appear on hands

With the appearance of warts on the hands, many women face. But until now, not everyone knows the reasons for their occurrence, and there are many myths and conjectures about this. For example, some people still believe that warts can appear if you touch a toad or a frog. Consider why warts actually appear on the hands and fingers, and how you can get rid of them.

Causes of the appearance of warts on the hands (flat, ordinary)

Warts are skin formations of viral etiology, i.e. the cause of their appearance is infection with viruses. These are human papillomatosis viruses, of which there are several types. Infection can occur as a result of direct contact with the carrier of the infection, through household items, personal hygiene products, etc. The greatest danger in terms of infection is public transport, swimming pools, saunas, baths, manicure rooms, etc. The easiest way to “pick up” the virus is if there are any microtraumas on the skin, even slight damage to the stratum corneum of the epidermis, as well as with excessive sweating of the hands and non-observance of hygiene rules.

Having entered the human body, the virus does not always lead to the formation of growths on the skin, but is activated under certain provoking factors, which include:

  • stress, overwork;
  • hormonal disruptions (during pregnancy, taking hormonal drugs, etc.);
  • weakening of the immune defense of the body;
  • hypothermia.

Hand wart treatment

There are many cases of spontaneous disappearance of warts some time after the appearance. However, you should not hope for a lucky break and it is better to carry out timely treatment of warts on the hands for the following reasons:

  • such formations are easy warts on hands causes and treatmentinjure, which can lead to secondary infection;
  • warts can grow, their number can increase significantly;
  • a high risk of infecting others (especially important if there are children in the house);
  • warts on the hands look unaesthetic.

There are many treatments for warts, both physical and medical. There are also quite a few effective folk remedies to get rid of this problem. Along with local treatment, it is also recommended to take vitamin and mineral complexes, immunomodulators, and sometimes sedatives.


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