Zebra manicure


zebra manicure

Black and white zebra manicure is one of the most popular nail designs today. This choice is quite concise and unobtrusive. That’s why fashionistas prefer zebra nails in everyday looks. In addition, the colors of animal skins are one of the hottest prints in women’s fashion today. Zebra manicure is also quite versatile. This painting is easily combined with any clothes and make-up. However, at the same time, zebra-style nails will not go unnoticed and emphasize the originality of their mistress.

Zebra nail design

At first glance, it seems that the zebra manicure is quite monotonous. However, stylists are actively proving the opposite every year, offering new options for stylish nail-art. Today, the following zebra nail design ideas are considered the most popular:

  1. Classic zebra manicure. Painting with black and white uneven stripes always looks stylish. Therefore, the standard zebra print on the nails does not go out of fashion. You can decorate one or more nails with a stylish pattern, making the rest of the fingers solid. Also, the design of all zebra-style nails looks beautiful and original.
  2. Colored zebra manicure. A very unusual and funny zebra design looks in color. You can make a contrasting background or stripes. The zebra print on the nails also looks original in two shades of the same color of varnish. This nail-art is sure to attract the attention of others and emphasize your individuality and delicate taste.
  3. French zebra manicure. If you like restraint, but it is also important for you to follow fashion trends, then a stylish jacket with zebra print on nails will be the most original solution. Such a design can be done by decorating the line of the edge of the nail with a painting, or vice versa, its main part. Bright nails with a strip of French manicure in the color of a zebra skin look very unusual.


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