Almond manicure design — stylish novelties for beautiful nails


Almond manicure design - stylish novelties for beautiful nails

The feminine form of the nail plates is played up with the help of extraordinary solutions. The almond manicure design is presented in an elegant or catchy, attention-grabbing design. Stylists are experimenting with the selection of decorative elements and colors.

Stylish new nail design «almond»

Nail service masters adopt original trends when creating a manicure. Beautiful design on almond-shaped nails are represented by ideas:

  1. Refinement is given by the drawing of contour elements that look like tropical, floral motifs, geometric shapes.
  2. The trendy fruit theme is played up in an interesting interpretation. An example is the drawing of a semi-peeled banana skin with varnish and the image of the main part of the fruit lined with rhinestones.
  3. Decorating a snow-white matte background with golden chains, which are laid out in the form of a heart or a cross, looks original.
  4. Popular «quail egg» patterns can be combined with a contour floral ornament.
  5. If you want to bring brightness to the image, they turn to filling individual areas with saturated varnishes that stand out against the background of negative space.

stylish novelty nail design almondsbeautiful design for almond shaped nailsbeautiful almond nail design

Design for long nails «almond»

The pronounced area of ​​​​the plates provides an opportunity to show creativity:

  1. It is allowed to turn to accent contrasting varnishes on different hands. On one, an ombre is created, made in dark beige shades, on the second — in a white and pink version.
  2. It is allowed to dilute the neutral snow-white background with the help of drawings in the yin-yang style. Contour lines draw the sun and the crescent.
  3. Cartoon prints in the form of a minimalistic emoticon are popular.
  4. It is allowed to combine the striped decor with a shiny black gloss applied to adjacent fingers with rhinestone decoration.

long nail design almondbeautiful nail designs for long nails almondalmond shape design

Short almond design

Accurate plates are played up in interesting solutions. This is a design for short almond nails:

  1. A delicate line can be diluted with a coating of sparkles applied to several fingers or decorating a light background in the form of stripes.
  2. A win-win solution is to turn to a rub that gives the nails a resemblance to pearls. It is allowed to select several plates using bright scarlet lines.
  3. A minimalistic decor is welcomed in the form of a contour traced heart, stripes in a similar tone, applied in a diagonal or longitudinal direction.

short almond designdesign for short almond nailssoft almond nail design

Nail design on a sharp «almond»

The seductive form becomes even more catchy with the help of a certain design:

  1. The trend is marble decor, expressed in the image of light veins of stone on a darkened or bright background. The design is applied to the entire plate or in the form of strips marked with uneven edges. Adding shine with the help of appropriate small details is welcome.
  2. Sharp nails are allowed to be beaten with the help of geometry applied in thin lines forming stripes or squares.
  3. It is allowed to designate a pointed tip with a jacket, which is offered in multi-colored tones. On the form, a pattern in the form of a cobweb, tongues of flame, depicted with colored varnish and sparkles, organically looks.

sharp almond nail designspicy almond designdesign for almond nails

Monochromatic almond nail design

Turning to monochrome nail art is a win-win way to embody an elegant bow. Manicure can be created in the following shades:

  1. The coating offered in beige, pale blue, light pink, peach tonality remains invariably relevant.
  2. Dilute glossy monochrome will help laying out sparkles presented in an identical tone. It is allowed to turn to covering the matte background with a potal of a similar shade with the base.

almond shape nail design

Nude nails with almond design

The beige-pink base becomes a harmonious background for decorating. A nude almond-shaped manicure with a design was recognized as successful:

  1. Laying out a contrasting strip filled with multi-colored sequins is welcome.
  2. On a nude background, snow-white orchid petals harmoniously look, made in a version that stands out against the general background using the modeling technique.
  3. It is allowed to apply a repeatedly repeated pattern on a light background, referring to stamping.

nude nails with almond designalmond manicure design

Glitter almond manicure design

The catchy decor will decorate the feminine shape of the plates:

  1. Luxurious notes will be brought by a minimalist stretch made of large details.
  2. The accentuation of individual plates by filling with small sparkles looks organic. Details are offered in brilliant colors or matched to the color of the main background.
  3. There is a zoning of the plates by dividing in half with a contrasting strip. One part remains transparent or filled with ordinary varnish, the other is covered with sparkles.

almond glitter manicure designalmond glitter nail designelegant novelty almond nail designs

Almond nail design

Decorating plates with images gives originality. This is an originally designed manicure with drawings:

  1. Trendy animal prints are allowed to be done in an acid version. An example is the filling of leopard spots with coral or lime color.
  2. Airy notes will give the image of a falling dandelion, traced with contour lines. The pattern is allowed to be drawn on a gradient basis.
  3. Tenderness will give application to the plates of openwork elements. The latter are made in the form of an image of lace or curls.
  4. Out of competition there is a vegetable theme, traced by shades differing in tonality. The pattern harmoniously looks on the nails covered with a transparent varnish.

almond nail designalmond shape nail designyouth nail designs on almonds

Nail design «French» on «almond»

French classics are played up with interesting solutions. This is a French manicure with a design for almond-shaped nails:

  1. A win-win idea is to turn to filling the “smile” area with snow-white varnish. Nude is chosen as the basis.
  2. To make the jacket more catchy, the top coat with a rub will help. One finger is accented with a stripe lined with sequins.
  3. If you want to make the image bright, turn to covering the tip with neon varnish.
  4. It is allowed to make a jacket that differs in colors on individual hands. One side is performed in the traditional white-nude design, the second is played up with the help of the “smile” designation in black.

French almond nail designfrench manicure with design for almond-shaped nailsalmond design

Matte almond nail design

It is permissible to beat a noble coating with the help of tonality and original decor. This is a matte manicure «almond» with a design:

  1. The diagonal division of the plate into two parts and the designation of the delimiting strip with a marble pattern look extraordinary.
  2. It is allowed to steal individual nails with stickers with original inscriptions or pop art drawings.
  3. A simple but effective design — the application of contrasting stripes, embodying simple geometry.
  4. There is an alternation of matte varnish, which differs in tone on different fingers. An example is the combination of lilac and purple coating.

matte almond nail designmatte manicure almond with designstylish novelty nail design almonds

Nail design «cat’s eye» on «almond»

Magnetic varnish will help to realize a memorable manicure. This is a manicure, which is made using the «cat’s eye» technique:

  1. The coating offered in dark shades looks impressive: purple, black, emerald, burgundy, blue varnish. A strip of a lighter shade is placed diagonally, creating spectacular overflows.
  2. Graphite coating will bring nobility to the image. The color transition is carried out using a light gray tint.
  3. A good example of combination is the combination of black and aquamarine varnishes.

almond cat eye nail designalmond designbeautiful design for almond shaped nails

Marble almond manicure design

Imitation of natural stone gives the nails sophistication:

  1. A pattern created in a beige and white tonality looks harmonious. The light veins of the stone are depicted on a nude basis.
  2. The combination of a snow-white background and a gray pattern looks interesting.
  3. Golden potal or silver sparkles organically fit into marble nail art.

marble design manicure almonddesign marble on nails almondnude nails with almond design

Manicure with geometric design on almond nails

Clearly marked figures give the plates an elegant touch:

  1. The zoning of plates into separate sections is recognized as a trend. Separate elements remain monochromatic with the base, others are filled with a contrasting dark varnish, and others are covered with silver sparkles.
  2. Minimalistic nail art is welcome, embodied by crossing lines that differ in thickness. It is allowed to add triangles and thin stripes with dots of different sizes.
  3. If you want to embody a memorable bow, they turn to filling the figures with neon and separately coating several plates with acid varnish.

manicure with geometric design on almond nailsalmond stripe nail designlong nail design almond

Nail design «gradient» on «almond»

The ombre technique will help create original color transitions. As a result, elegant solutions are embodied:

  1. Tenderness in the image will bring a gradient, shaped in a white-pink tone, made using a brilliant gradient or rubbing. The plates take on the resemblance to precious pearls.
  2. It is allowed to make a barely noticeable ombre in a nude-pink tone and complement it with transparent rhinestones that form triangles.
  3. Saturated notes in nail art will bring a combination of black and aquamarine coatings. It is allowed to create a color transition using a third purple hue.

gentle almond gradient nail designelegant novelty almond nail designsbeautiful nail designs for long nails almond

Nail design with almond stickers

Certain devices will simplify the process of designing nail art. These are youth almond nail designs made with stickers:

  1. Details containing a popular plant or floristic theme, drawn in a complex version, are in demand.
  2. Stickers with original inscriptions that differ in tone and size look organic.
  3. With the help of stickers, it will be possible to apply golden drawings made in the form of a branch with numerous leaves.

nail design with almond stickersyouth nail designs on almondsalmond shape nail design

Nail design with foil on «almond»

Shiny decor will make nail art luxurious. This is a manicure created with foil:

  1. The trend is the coating of nails with potal, which is offered in golden-silver or colors. The decor affects an insignificant part of the plate or covers it almost completely.
  2. There is a combination of potali with a marble pattern in the form of a quail egg.
  3. The addition of clear foil strips that differ in thickness is welcome.
  4. Emphasizing one finger by creating an imitation of a precious stone looks extraordinary. Reception is embodied with the help of crinkled foil.

almond foil nail designalmond manicure designalmond design

Nail design «rubbed» on «almond»

A shiny coating will bring chic notes to nail art. This is a design for almond-shaped nails, embodied with the help of rubbing:

  1. A win-win solution is to give the plates a resemblance to pearls with a soft pink tint coating.
  2. Catchy nail art can be realized with the help of a metallic or golden rubbing.
  3. It is allowed to combine the design with a floral ornament lined with small silver sparkles. An alternative solution is to fill a separate plate with small elements.
  4. There are alternations of pearl and metallized rubbing on adjacent fingers.

almond nail designdesign for almond nailselegant novelty almond nail designs

Acid nail design on «almonds»

Neon varnish will help to embody a memorable bow. The result is a bright almond nail design:

  1. The catchy light green coating, complemented by a contour image of a snake, looks interesting. The other finger is filled with a characteristic print imitating the skin of a reptile.
  2. Lemon varnish is suitable for the embodiment of a fruit theme. Separate fingers are filled with neon, the second ones are complemented by an image of a citrus fruit in a section on a snow-white background.
  3. The neon ombre, embodied in an orange-coral hue, looks organic.

acid nail design on almondsbright almond nail designyouth nail designs on almonds

Nail design «almond» for the bride’s wedding

Newlyweds strive to embody a harmonious completed nail art. Will be a godsend manicure for the wedding:

  1. A gradient created by combining snow-white and peach or light pink shades looks organic. The background in the form of a romantic ombre is decorated with golden rhinestones, large pearls.
  2. There is a selection of individual fingers with a velvety rub, presented in a nude tone. The remaining fingers are covered with a matte varnish of a similar shade. The areas of the hole are filled with golden stones, delicate pearls.
  3. It is permissible to draw romantic lace ornaments with ordinary varnish or apply in a volumetric version.
  4. The selection of a finger with a three-dimensional image of an orchid is welcome. An alternative solution is to make large pale pink petals using the modeling technique.
  5. Romanticism will add a drawing of small lavender flowers, depicted in a light lilac tone.

almond nail design for wedding bridealmond shape designbeautiful almond nail design


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