What is fashionable in manicure in 2019 — a selection of the most relevant ideas for all occasions


What is fashionable in manicure in 2019 - a selection of the most relevant ideas for all occasions

The question of what is fashionable in manicure in 2019 becomes relevant when it becomes difficult to choose a trendy design. A modern woman wants to keep up with the times and keep up with the latest beauty trends in the beauty world. Every day new trends and techniques appear, you just need to have time to keep up with the fleetingly changing fashion.

What is fashionable in manicure in 2019?

Trendy manicure ideas 2019 consist of some undisputed leaders in the new season. In fashion, both natural and artificial nails are just a matter of taste and personal preference. Too long nails are on the lists of anti-trends, but short square or almond length nails top the top ratings. The most fashionable and trendy ideas of excellent design for the implementation of unthinkable fantasies:

  1. french. This look is always relevant, and does not lose its position in every season, supplemented and improved by new stylish modifications.
  2. Lunar manicure. Popular with the most sophisticated beauties.
  3. neon manicure. Bright colors are a favorite nail design option for the summer, when you want to put stereotypes aside and go beyond office restrictions.
  4. Geometric manicure. Very stylish and extraordinary, minimalist or catchy — a stylish variation of nail art.
  5. painting. The same pattern on each finger is no longer fashionable, it is better to decorate one finger or stretch the image over several nails, it will be interesting and unusual.


French manicure 2019 — fashion trends

What fashionable manicure in 2019 will do without a jacket? The standard white jacket has already fallen in love with many for its restraint, simplicity and elegance, but you can make some adjustments to the classic reproduction and the manicure will open in a new light and sparkle with new colors. What is fashionable in French manicure in 2019:

  1. reverse french. The smile line is painted over at the base of the nail under the level of the cuticle. At the same time, the smile line is drawn up in white or with the help of flexible ribbons of various colors.
  2. multi-colored jacket. Each finger is painted with a different color or a gradient transition is made — a very stylish solution for the summer.
  3. Mirror French manicure. Incredible design, a mirror rub or sticker looks especially good on a dark matte base.
  4. Brilliant jacket. Performed with sparkles or large Yuki flakes with a chameleon effect.
  5. Combined jacket. In this technique, the free edge is painted over on some nails, and the rest I assume a different design.


Matte manicure 2019 — fashion trends

The most fashionable manicure in 2019 is a matte finish. A variety of designs can be covered with a matte top and the manicure will open from a new side. What are the most advanced types of design done in a matte finish:

  1. Negative space manicure. A very beautiful complex name for a simple manicure. To perform it, you just need to leave a small section of the nail unpainted, and a non-standard beautiful manicure is ready.
  2. Combination of matte and gloss. Two opposite effects look perfect in one manicure and add depth and layering to it.
  3. Rhinestones and sequins. Such a game of contrasts will favorably emphasize the radiance of rhinestones, and they will flicker with tripled strength.
  4. Volumetric decor. Drawing with thick gel or applying velvet decorative sand is attractive and non-standard. Gel droplets on a matte finish imitate dew or splashes and perfectly complement marine or autumn nail art.


Nude manicure 2019 — fashion trends

Delicate manicure 2019 fashion trends have in their arsenal a secret weapon that has won hundreds of hearts of the beautiful half of humanity. The nude finish is the perfect support for an intricate yet delicate design. A few trendy new products that are fashionable in nude manicure in 2019:

  1. Kamifubuki. Kamifubuki of various shapes look very beautiful, on a pastel beige or pale pink base, covered with a matte top. Looking at this design, one gets the impression of a manicure sealed with frosted glass. It’s amazing and very stylish.
  2. ombre. White and beige is the perfect combination to create a soft gradient transition.
  3. watercolor drawing. The technique of watercolor painting is a very delicate art form and it will work beautifully on a nude finish.


Ombre manicure 2019 — fashion trends

What is fashionable in manicure now, if not a charming ombre? These smooth transitions of colors simply fascinate and hypnotize, bringing grace and mysticism to the image. The most trendy and popular gradient methods on nails:

  1. double ombre. Standard version with two colors. Absolutely any combinations are used, each time getting a new unique design.
  2. multicolor ombre. The transition of several colors at once into each other with a rainbow effect. It can be vertical, horizontal, diagonal or dotted with soft streaks.
  3. geometric ombre. The transition from dark to light shade has a clear boundary. Outline the border with a straight line, a zigzag, a semicircle or an angle, as long as the flight of fancy is enough.
  4. Ombre with rub. With the help of sparkles or rubbing, they also create a gradient, making a soft stretch and forming a smooth transition.


Lunar manicure 2019 — fashion trends

What is fashionable in manicure 2019 as well as holes? This design has recently come into use, but is not going to lose its leading position this season. A huge plus of this manicure is that, without painting over the area of ​​​​the hole, the coating will last longer and the renewal of the manicure can be delayed for some more time. Lunar design — what is fashionable in manicure in 2019:

  1. Lunar French. Combines two types of design: lunar and French.
  2. Wells with crystals. It is permissible to outline the border of the holes with rhinestones, or completely lay out the lunar space with them.
  3. geometric holes. The semicircular classic moon design at the base of the nail is replaced with a triangular one — this is modern and non-standard.
  4. Ornamental holes. The holes are decorated not with monophonic painting, but with painting with monograms and small curls.


Rubbing Manicure 2019 — Fashion Trends

Fashionable manicure 2019 rubbing will endow you with charming depth, magical overflows and mirror reflection. The rubbing changes its shade depending on the base on which it is applied — this allows you to achieve a different effect when using a rubbing of the same shade, but changing the main varnish. The final result depends on the particle size of the powder for rubbing — the finer the dispersion, the more uniform the coating. Rubbing is divided into several main types and this affects the result of the manicure:

  1. Mirror rub. Appropriate rubbing will help to achieve the effect of mirror reflection. Maximum chrome coverage is obtained when applied to a black or white base.
  2. Chameleon powder. Such a rub resembles the color of the May beetle and looks spectacular on the nails.
  3. Pearl rub. It helps to additionally “highlight” the main color and fills it with auxiliary shine.
  4. Holographic rubbing. It has a very beautiful hologram effect and looks flawless on nails.


Manicure with rhinestones 2019 — fashion trends

Wedding manicure 2019 fashion trends involve the use of rhinestones. A small amount of crystals will transform and decorate the coating on the nails. Nails inlaid with stones look chic, rich and luxurious, the main thing is to observe the measure. What is fashionable in manicure in 2019 using rhinestones:

  1. Rhinestones along the nail growth line. This design involves laying stones under the cuticle area.
  2. Rhinestone pattern. Flowers, patterns, fruits can be depicted using only rhinestones of different sizes and colors.
  3. Modeling and rhinestones. Wedding manicure is often decorated with modeling, which is complemented by rhinestones.
  4. Stripe of rhinestones. A horizontal strip that crosses the perimeter of the nail is a trendy solution. It resembles a ring worn on the nail plate.
  5. Curly rhinestones. Stepping back from round rhinestones, towards squares, triangles, rhombuses, hearts and stars — a sense of style and informality will be felt in the manicure.


Fashionable manicure 2019 with inscriptions

The most fashionable manicure summer 2019 has a non-standard solution — inscriptions on the nails. This is a kind of statement about yourself, a cry from the soul, which requires you to go out by applying a meaningful inscription on the nail plate. How to style your nails with inscriptions in a trendy way to stand out and be remembered:

  1. Funny lettering. Funny catchphrases, expressions in addition to frivolous cartoon characters are a great solution for the holiday season, when you can relax and fool around a bit.
  2. affirmations. A short phrase that carries positive instruction and is fixed in the subconscious. Nails are the best place to display it, so it will always be in front of your eyes, cheer up and fight fuse.
  3. confessions. This is a unique original way to declare your feelings to the whole world and confess your love to your soul mate.


Manicure 2019 — fashion trends geometry

Manicure 2019 fashionable geometry — a laconic nail design that did not leave anyone indifferent. The geometric pattern draws attention with its simplicity and straight, clear lines. What is fashionable in manicure in 2019 and what geometric shapes are mainly used in the design of nails:

  1. Mono image of a geometric figure. One square, triangle or circle is an incomparable trend solution.
  2. intersecting lines. With the help of randomly drawn lines, an abstract geometric pattern is obtained, it can be left unchanged or painted over each resulting geometric figure in a different color.
  3. symmetrical pattern. Identical drawings on several fingers of both hands.
  4. geometric rivets. This element of decoration of the nail plate is a worthy alternative to a geometric pattern. Metal rivets are a hit in the nail industry this season.


Marine manicure 2019 — fashion trends

What is fashionable in manicure in 2019 on a marine theme? Thinking over a modern, trendy manicure, at the height of the beach season, you want to shine at the resort with a unique, inimitable nail design. Ideas for creating an unusual and presentable marine manicure:

  1. Volumetric pattern. With the help of a thick gel, an uneven, wavy coating is created that imitates sea waves. It is good in a blue version with a pearl rub.
  2. Slider design. The easiest way to apply a masterpiece on the nails. By this method, whole works of art are depicted on the nails, ranging from a simple starfish to the image of the entire underwater kingdom.
  3. Images of marine paraphernalia. Anchors, chains, helms and striped manicure — reflect the summer mood and are applicable in a marine manicure.


Trendy manicure colors 2019

Mint manicure 2019 fashion trends using this shade are full of non-trivial interesting ideas. This color is associated with purity, freshness and elegance, and it was not without reason that he was chosen to design the most famous jewelry brand Tiffany. The mint shade is good for a gentle spring manicure, it can depict the first spring flowers — snowdrops. Matte mint manicure is very stylishly combined with white and black neutral colors, it provides an excellent base for embodying bold, extraordinary fantasies and ideas.


White manicure 2019 — fashion trends

What manicure is in fashion for a longer period than a snow-white monochromatic coating. He found his application among business women, whose dress code suggests restraint, among young people who follow the latest and among the beau monde, as the simplest and most elegant manicure. This color is taken as a basis in the embodiment of an elegant wedding manicure and is complemented by all sorts of manicure attributes. White manicure looks great on dark skin, so it is chosen for the summer season and decorated with marine-themed drawings.


Blue manicure 2019 — fashion trends

Manicure 2019 fashion trends with foil on a blue background brings to life the broken glass design, only on such a heavenly cover it will look more like the play of the sea depths with its charming, captivating abyss. Light blue or a more saturated shade of an electrician is conducive to the creation of a marine masterpiece. Blue color is used in marine manicure, complemented by drawings of the inhabitants of the sea depths. White haze on a blue background will create a cloudy effect. Muddy light rhinestones with a blue overflow, similar to the color of opal — the perfect option for a light blue hue.


Orange manicure 2019 — fashion trends

What is the most fashionable manicure for displaying a fruity still life? The first thing that comes to mind when thinking about a fruit-themed manicure is the image of an orange. Orange is the perfect base for drawing oranges and tangerines. This bright and defiant fiery shade will help create a bright sunny manicure with a summer mood. More restrained shades of peach are used in spring and autumn nail design. Orange acid manicure has a catchy appeal and will find favor with extraordinary girls.


Black manicure 2019 — fashion trends

What manicure is fashionable in 2019 with black color? The hue of the raven wing is daring, anti-glamorous and defiant, and this makes it the most favorite among most independent and liberated girls. This color is universal, it is combined with all shades of colors, and fits any outfit. A black manicure will be an excellent choice for an informal nail design and for a festive event. Jet black is incredible in the velvety softness of a matte finish, and if you add contrasting rhinestones or chrome tape to it, their glow becomes unimaginable.


Red manicure 2019 — fashion trends

What manicure is in fashion with red? This shade is chosen by women with a strong-willed character, straightforwardness and an inner core. The red color is not simple, you need to be able to wear it with pride and royal stateliness. A simple plain scarlet coating can highlight the owner even without additional accessories. If you want to diversify a simple monochrome manicure, you can combine it with other contrasting colors, add rhinestones, sparkles, rubbing, slider design, art painting, kamifubuki.



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