Manicure ideas 2017 — photos of the best ideas and trends


Manicure Ideas 2017

The start of a new season is a great occasion to transform or radically change your style. An integral element of any image is stylish nail-art, as a completion or decoration of the exterior. Manicure ideas 2017 is a rich color of new products and updated trends of past years, universal for any type of appearance and taste.

New spring manicure 2017

After a long and dull cold, taking out pens from gloves and mittens, it is important to take care of their grooming. In the spring, fresh and feminine shades, floral themes of drawings, eye-catching decorations become relevant solutions. The ideas of spring manicure 2017 emphasize accuracy and conciseness. The main trends for this season are:

  1. Natural form. The naturalness of the nail plate is still in the prerogative of artificial long false or extended solutions. Oval, almond shape and soft square are in fashion.
  2. spring manicure ideas 2017

  3. Gradients and combinations of colored pastels. Stylish manicure ideas for spring 2017 are presented with soft transitions and fresh two-tone ensembles in pastel colors. The most popular shades are mint, peach, lavender, lemon.
  4. manicure ideas for spring 2017

  5. Floral accent on one finger. The selection of one nail with a floral pattern or abstraction will look very feminine. This design is ideal for dressy and casual bows and does not go beyond the restrained style.
  6. new spring manicure 2017

  7. Nails under clothes. An interesting and stylish choice would be a design identical to the color of the wardrobe. However, it should be borne in mind that this nail-art is not practical for every day.
  8. manicure ideas 2017

New manicure ideas 2017

In the new season, stylists have collected all the most relevant trends of past years, improving them or supplementing them with ideas that correspond to the latest trends. Stylish manicure 2017 novelty is a monochromatic design and colorful drawings, strict classics and creative design. It is very popular to combine incongruous shades, style directions, decorative elements. But the main idea of ​​the current nail-art is impeccable femininity and elegance.

new manicure ideas 2017

New manicure ideas 2017

new manicure 2017

Bright manicure 2017

Saturated contrasts, bright solid colors and expressive finishes have become a fashion trend that will always draw attention to the refined taste and determination of the fashionista. Catchy nail-art will stylishly complement an exquisite evening outfit and become an interesting accent in a strict and concise bow. Stylists highlight the most fashionable new manicure 2017:

  1. Two tone design. A fashionable solution would be a combination of two contrasting shades of color palettes. An ensemble of cold and warm tones looks interesting.
  2. bright manicure 2017

  3. Catchy decor. Any finish that attracts attention is in fashion. The most popular were colored foil and volumetric molding.
  4. trendy manicure ideas 2017

  5. stamping. Symmetrical smooth abstract drawings and patterns are back in the nail fashion industry. Rainbow stamping has gained particular popularity.
  6. stylish manicure ideas 2017

White manicure 2017

The classic light shade took over from black. According to designers, the tenderness and romance of white are more in line with a laconic feminine style than the brutality and decisiveness of a dark tone. Stylists offer the following most relevant manicure ideas for 2017:

  1. Manicure 2017 white french. Classic French design is versatile for any outfit and style. In the new year, it is important to complement a snow-white smile with drawings or trim of the same color.
  2. manicure 2017 white french

  3. Monochromatic finish. White nails have gained incredible popularity due to the neatness and versatility of their appearance. Convenience in this case is the ease of execution of manicure.
  4. white manicure 2017

  5. White foil and glitter base. To prevent the monochromatic version from looking boring, add a shiny decor to your nails. Foil and glitter have become leaders in such ideas.
  6. new manicure 2017

  7. White sweater. Cozy knitted patterns this year are used not only in the cold season, but also in the hot season. White textured braids and aran on the nails are the most relevant.
  8. beautiful manicure novelties 2017

Manicure 2017 geometry

The idea of ​​geometric abstractions has not lost its former glory. However, this year the chaotic placement of lines, squares and circles without highlighting any pattern is in fashion. The most fashionable ideas of stylish manicure 2017 are presented in the design of negative space and with a 3d effect. The only option in a simple style is stripes. And the uniqueness and originality in the image will be emphasized by squares, triangles and trapezoids made of broken glass on the nails.

manicure 2017 geometry

Manicure 2017 geometry

stylish manicure 2017 new items

French manicure novelties 2017

French does not go out of fashion, gaining more and more versatility with each season. This design is a lifesaver for any occasion. Let’s see what fashion ideas French manicure 2017 offer stylists:

  1. Classic smile. The most win-win option, which will always mark the impeccable taste of a fashionista, will be a standard design with a white stripe along the edge on a colorless or pastel background.
  2. manicure 2017 white french

  3. Plum, Bordeaux, sapphire. Fans of bright smiles in a jacket should know that this year the actual colors are represented by deep shades — plum, marsala and burgundy, dark blue.
  4. french manicure new 2017

  5. Millennium. The shiny stripe design is back in fashion again. Glitter can be applied already on the finished nail-art or highlight the edge of the nail with them.
  6. french manicure ideas 2017

Manicure 2017 airbrushing

The fashion trend of 2017 was the illusory movement of clear shadow images. With the help of an airbrush, you can create incredible abstractions and even whole stories. This technique is ideal for ombre lovers. Manicure ideas for 2017 are predominantly presented in delicate floral and geometric themes. Fluttering butterflies on the nails have also become popular.

manicure 2017 airbrush

Manicure 2017 airbrushing

new manicure ideas 2017

Feng Shui manicure 2017

Decoration of one or two fingers different from the general design has been in fashion for several years in a row. This solution always looks original, but is universal for everyday wear, strict business bows and looks for going out. Fashionable manicure ideas 2017 — highlighting a finger with a catchy and voluminous decor. All means are relevant — powder, modeling, contrasting solutions, casting and liquid stones, a combination of patterns with a plain coating, and so on. Overhead decorations — rhinestones, stones, stickers will not be superfluous.

feng shui manicure 2017

Feng Shui manicure 2017

new manicure 2017

Lace manicure 2017

Delicate and romantic style is always best supported by lace motifs on the nails. The novelties of manicure in 2017 presented the original technique of openwork mehendi in contrasting shades. The classic wedding pattern has become relevant for everyday bows. And the trend of recent years — black lace — has remained a win-win solution. This option is popular on a colorless background. If you want to fill the entire nail plate on all fingers, then you should stop at light shades — white, pink, mint.

lace manicure 2017

Lace manicure 2017

trendy manicure ideas 2017

Manicure ideas for short nails 2017

Shortened length remains the most relevant in the nail industry in 2017. Stylists allow no more than five millimeters of indentation of the nail from the finger. Such a decision must be supported by a neat design. But here it is important to understand what you expect. If you want to visually lengthen your nails, then vertical stripes or an unfinished light border will be a fashionable choice. Bright manicure for short nails 2017 is presented with rich monochromatic ideas in deep shades. And the most popular fantasy design was broken glass or a mirror on a pastel background.

manicure ideas for short nails 2017

Manicure ideas for short nails 2017

bright manicure for short nails 2017

Everyday Manicure Ideas 2017

The choice of design for every day directly depends on the type of temperament and taste preferences of the fashionista. However, in the new season, stylists have combined all the possible requirements for universal nail-art and presented stylish novelties that will satisfy the needs of every fashionista. The most interesting ideas are based on a diverse ensemble that responds to two or more directions at once. Beautiful manicure novelties 2017 are presented by such solutions for every day:

  1. Matte finish. Nails look flawless and neat without shine. The matte design is not flashy, perfect for everyday wear. If you want to add interesting decor to your nails, then you should stop at the hologram selection of several fingers or powder patterns.
  2. everyday manicure ideas 2017

  3. Colorful drawings. This year, rich and vibrant images of flowers, insects and animals are in fashion. Drawings can be supported with a neutral or pastel background, as well as rich color.
  4. bright manicure 2017

  5. Combined design. Any combination on the nails will emphasize your delicate taste — a matte design with a glossy one, a neutral palette with rich shades, a plain coating with textured patterns, and more.
  6. new manicure 2017


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