30 evidence that cats are the cutest animals on the planet


Research by scientists testifies to the benefits of fluffy purrs, whose owners are ready to talk excitedly about their pets for hours. There is an opinion that cats improve mood and calm nerves. Let’s test this statement in practice.

On the Internet, there are no animals equal in popularity to cats. Their expressive photos collect millions of likes. The cuties enchant us with their spontaneity and never cease to amaze us with their tricks. We cannot predict what to expect from them. Another fresh portion of cat-positive has already been waiting for you.

1. A real gourmet and masochist.


2. Save, help! Come on, confess, where is the sour cream?


3. Overlooked… Not the most comfortable place to sleep.

Place to sleep

4. Trapped. I stand and do not breathe.

I stand and do not breathe

5. He is not looking for easy ways!

Non-physiological position

6. Another non-physiological position for coping.

cat pooping

7. He is not allowed to just come and eat.

cat eats

8. When the hostess lifted the toilet lid, she was in for a big surprise.

cat in the toilet

9. Take me away from this tormentor!

The cat is being washed

10. We must somehow get out … This cat has something to be proud of.

cat stuck

11. Contrary to the laws of gravity. Levitating cat.


12. Quiet time.

Quiet time

13. I have nothing to do with it. This is a real accident. Honestly.


14. Now the owner, I will help you sort out the packages with provisions.

Parse packages

15. The main thing is to keep the tail warm.

Warms the ass

16. If my pet is annoyed, then the kotokobra wakes up in him.


17. Well, don’t go to work, I’ll be bored…

It will be boring without you

18. Master of disguise.


19. Yes, yes, you are right, I eat very well.

I love to eat

20. Looks appetizing. The saliva is flowing.

Looks appetizing

21. Can you, how can I reach my nose with my tongue?

Reach for the nose

22. Didn’t they teach you to share? Greedy beef…


23. Hey guys, let’s take a selfie.


24. Cat on recharging.

Cat on charge

25. The chicken asked her to insure, she needs to hit the road on business.

cat on eggs

26. Let’s compare, who has sharper claws and more beautiful manicure?


27. I am shocked by my unearthly beauty.

Beautiful cat

28. Incendiary dances or karate lessons.


29. Ku-ku, I’m here! Been looking for half an hour now.

hide and seek

30. When I’m thirsty, I know what to do.

cat drinks


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