Nails, design — novelties — an overview of the latest trends of the season


Nails, design - novelties - an overview of the latest trends of the season

Manicure is important for every girl. Fashion dictates constantly changing trends in this regard. Nail design, the novelties of which are represented by a variety of stylistic solutions this season, is designed to make girls look stylish and harmonious.

Nail design — novelties 2019 — summer

Modern fashion puts forward ambiguous trends, so it’s easy to get confused in them. However, in fact, there is nothing difficult in choosing a manicure for this summer. The most relevant ideas that present novelty nail designs are as follows:

  1. Metallic with embellishments. It is a known fact that fashion lately offers glitz. It would be nice to paint your nails with a shiny varnish by gluing a few rhinestones, curly decorations or pieces of foil on top. It turns out shiny nails novelty design.
  2. Vanguard. Nails decorated with motifs of avant-garde painting look extremely impressive. You can start with simple pictures, and then try a variety of complicated options.
  3. Jewelry. This year, nail plates decorated with artificial stones, gold beads and pearls are making a splash. The minimalist design is also relevant, when one or two nails are decorated, but excessive decor is not forbidden.
  4. Black and white manicure. This classic combination is back in nail design this year. Checkered nail art, graphic jacket, and black and white drawings on nails are in fashion.

nails design novelties 2019 summerstylish nails design noveltiesbeautiful new nail design

Nail design — new 2019 — long

Elongated nail plates are a real expanse for creativity. You can recreate many different ideas, creating both casual and bright looks. In 2019, it is best to give preference to such solutions, with the help of which long nails are designed:

  1. ombre. Looks perfect in both glossy and matte gradient. The shade can be either bright or delicate, the ombre itself can be linear or diagonal.
  2. Lettering on nails — a great idea for a manicure on long nail plates. In this case, the inscriptions can be different — both individual words or letters, and whole statements. It is advisable to write something on the nails in monochrome, for better readability. Or one finger is decorated, or several. For greater effect, foil or glitter is used.
  3. Nail design, novelties in the style of minimalism. Here you can play on contrasts: laconic nail art and long nails. Look good and traditional shades, and calm, and nude. You can complement this design with simple drawings of geometric shapes.
  4. Kamifubuki. Unusual confetti have entered the nail design for long nails and look incredibly impressive. This option goes well with inscriptions, color stretching.
  5. Drawings. If you want romance, you can draw flowers, graphic motifs are ideal for the office, and any options are suitable for everyday life. It is interesting to look at drawings in the form of faces, with animals, drawings collected in one plot.

nails design novelties 2019 longlong nails design novelties

Nail design — novelties 2019, short

Shortened nail plates do not mean at all that it is impossible to make a beautiful manicure. Short nails design novelties are represented by the following trends:

  • a calm manicure in white is an invariably relevant option, allowing you to look attractive and elegant. You can complement nail art with a simple pattern with geometric motifs or a pattern in a minimalist style;
  • dark manicure looks impressive and sometimes unusual: especially if you paint your nails with black varnish and add a golden edging. It is interesting to look at the nails of the design of the novelty in a wine shade with a moon design and an interesting view of the hole, with the addition of stones;
  • manicure with stones has become especially relevant. It is advised to use stones of different shades and shapes, creating all kinds of patterns;
  • An interesting option is a manicure that imitates patterns of quartz or marble, making the nails look very original.

nails design novelties 2019 shortshort nails design novelties

Nail design — new 2019, sharp

Pointed nail plates in some cases look aggressive, but if you choose the right length, then this shape will be quite appropriate. Sharp nails design novelties are represented by such ideas:

  1. Matte manicure looks great in any look. Sharp nails in this case look perfect both in a minimalist variation and in a luxurious design with flowers, rhinestones, sparkles and patterns.
  2. New design nails with chic elements and gemstone effects. Classic techniques, delicate patterns with stones look good.
  3. Minimalist nail art. Sharp nails go best with this trend.

nails design novelty 2019 sharp

Design — new 2019 — almond-shaped nails

Almond-shaped nail plates are very popular this year. There are many fresh options for this form, so any girl can find what she likes. Nails actual design novelties are represented by such solutions:

  • ombre — designers combine a variety of tones, and they can use more than two colors. A variety of techniques for this manicure can be applied: stripes, ovals, circles;
  • marble patterns help to complement any look. Patterns that look like the texture of a stone look attractive and interesting. You can perform such nail art in any color, for example, nude nails design novelties are very popular;
  • manicure with rhinestones and crystals looks chic. You can decorate only one finger with these decorative elements, or several;
  • her art with drawings — birds and various animals look harmonious, plant and flower motifs, fruits, geometric shapes.

nails design novelties 2019 almond-shapednails design cool new items

Beautiful nail design — new items

Every woman wants to look beautiful. For this, stylish nails design novelties are designed, which are offered in such solutions:

  1. Spot manicure is a universal option. It is very important to supplement it with drawings.
  2. Nail art with colorful confetti. It will turn out an interesting and not too pretentious option. Such a manicure can be easily chosen for any image, supplemented with other elements of decor.
  3. Gradient manicure is a favorite of girls. The transition from white to any other color looks interesting.
  4. Nail designs of current novelties with three-dimensional drawings make a splash among fashionistas. The abundance of print options will help you choose an option for every taste.
  5. Acrylic Powder. Such nail plates look interesting, especially if they are complemented by a pattern.
  6. Drawings on the nails will help the girl express her personality. Floral and plant motifs, drawings of animals and insects, faces, people are in fashion. Real «plots» drawn on several nails look original. Cartoon characters are also at the peak of popularity. Minimalistic drawings are not forbidden.
  7. Matte nail art is very relevant. It is in demand among many girls. This manicure looks very stylish and fits any look.

beautiful new nail designstylish nails design noveltiesnails design novelties 2019 summer

Nail design, new items — french

French manicure is especially loved by women for its versatility in any situation. Nail design novelty, classic jacket is represented by a variety of interesting options:

  • A colored French manicure brings fresh notes to any look, as bright colors attract the eye. Experts offer unusual shades for “smiles” and add terracotta, lemon, scarlet and black varnishes to them;
  • millennium french brings a festive touch due to the many shiny particles;
  • French nail art with drawings is a very unusual option. French is often combined with images of faces and female silhouettes, landscapes, fruits and flowers;
  • ombre jacket is a great choice to create an intriguing look;
  • jacket with rhinestones looks elegant and festive;
  • jacket with holes highlighted in any color;
  • lace French manicure looks very feminine;
  • French nail art with a double “smile” line — one strip is noticeable and the other is thinner;
  • matte jacket — a chic option suitable for everyday life;
  • the wedding version of the jacket combines tenderness, femininity and naturalness. It can be complemented with neat patterns.

nails design new french

Delicate nails, design — novelties

The classic choice is the nail design of the novelty in pastel colors. This option will suit any image and will not conflict even with the strictest dress code:

  • pastel varnishes look good on nails and shade tanned skin;
  • fresh solution — manicure with stripes. Even one line will bring fresh notes to the image;
  • delicate nail art with stones is a hit of 2019. You can give free rein to your imagination and not limit the number of rhinestones;
  • Glitter nails are perfect for parties.

gentle nails design noveltiesnails design novelties pastel colors

Solid nails — novelty design

Monochromatic manicure is always popular. Although some people think that such a choice is too banal, many fashionistas prefer nail art in one color. Fashion ideas are as follows:

  • red nails novelty design;
  • in pastel and nude shades;
  • in various shades of pink;
  • white, turquoise, lavender, mint and yellow;
  • both matte and glossy manicure are popular;
  • it is permissible to supplement the nail design with special powder or sparkles, rhinestones.

plain nails design novelties

Nail design, novelties — geometry

Beautiful geometric patterns are a great choice to look stylish in any situation. It is suitable for those who are tired of overloaded nail art and excessive decor. Square nails design novelties are represented by such ideas:

  1. Laconic geometric manicure, which uses simple lines, dots and shapes on one or two fingers.
  2. Nail art «origami» with sketches of animals associated with the origami technique.
  3. The “color block” technique, during which blocks of different colors are drawn on the nails.
  4. Geometric nail art with foil.
  5. Black and white graphics are an interesting and fresh solution for this year.

nails design novelties geometrynails design novelties 2019 summer

Nail design — novelties with rhinestones

Rhinestones are the choice of girls who are tired of dullness and routine. If you want to add zest to the image and make the manicure sparkling, rhinestones are what you need. Bright nails design novelties are presented in the following options:

  • monochrome manicure with rhinestones is universal and looks good;
  • nail art with sparkles and pebbles is a good choice for an evening look;
  • french and moon manicure with rhinestones — will please with simplicity and conciseness;
  • nail art with rhinestones and drawings — it is worth considering that you need to carefully consider the drawing so as not to look ridiculous and defiant;
  • manicure with rhinestones and spikes will suit extravagant women.

nails design novelties with rhinestonesnails design novelties 2019 almond-shaped

Matte nails — novelty design

Matte manicure slowly but surely replaces the glossy one. When designing it, the following ideas are used:

  1. Restrained matte nail art in one color, for example, light nails are a novelty design. It is permissible to use not only black or white tone, but also red, green, blue.
  2. Matte manicure with a pattern. Prints decorate nails and make the image more interesting.
  3. A matte finish with a glossy accent is a great combination.
  4. Combined matte manicure: with the effect of marble, «broken glass», with geometric patterns, with the effect of «cat’s eye».

matte nails design noveltiesbright nails design novelties

Nail design — novelties with rubbing

Rubbing helps to create a beautiful manicure that will look like a king. This option is perfect for a festive event or for the evening. Current options for 2019:

  • mirror rubbing, making the nails «chrome»;
  • holographic rubbing that looks like a kaleidoscope;
  • pearl rub gives a creamy sheen;
  • rubbing with a moon design is the most popular because it looks very stylish;
  • nude manicure can also be supplemented with a rub (it is advisable to choose a pearl shine);
  • a white manicure with a rub will make a simple nail art more interesting, as well as new design nails in bright colors;
  • rubbing and drawings on the nails improve the fashionista’s manicure.

nails design novelty with rubbingbright nails design novelties

Nail design — novelties with an inscription

The inscriptions on the nails look very interesting. This choice is suitable for girls who want to stand out from the crowd and bring originality to the image. There are such nails design cool new items:

  1. You can apply the letter on the nail or fix the whole sentence on the thumb. The inscriptions depend on the style of the manicure and can be sophisticated, or they can be bold and flashy.
  2. Matte nail art with inscriptions, complemented by rhinestones, looks very impressive. For the summer, fashionistas can do a manicure with words or letters made on bright nails.
  3. Nude nail art with letters and words looks restrained and will suit even formal bows.

nails design novelties with inscriptionnails design cool new items

Black nails — novelty design

Black manicure looks impressive and somewhat mysterious. Fashionable solutions for its design are as follows:

  • with marble effect. It is advisable to take black patterns on a white background or vice versa;
  • black nails «cat’s eye». Particularly relevant are «cosmic» overflows;
  • matte manicure in black;
  • black jacket — an unusual, but very fashionable solution;
  • with concise and clear inscriptions;
  • nails design with glitter novelties in black;
  • black design with rubbing will bring fresh notes.

black nails design noveltiesstylish nails design novelties

Nail design — novelties with stickers

Nail stickers are presented in a variety of options, so each girl will be able to choose something of her own. Nail design novelty delicate shades or bright colors can be complemented by such options for stickers:

  • with «3D» effect;
  • lace stickers;
  • with flowers, fruits, berries;
  • with cakes, ice cream;
  • with romantic drawings;
  • with cute animals
  • with paintings by famous artists;
  • with landscapes;
  • stickers depicting people.

nails design novelties with stickersnails design novelties gentle shades


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