Summer nail design 2016


summer nail design 2016

With the onset of the warmest time of the year, every girl and woman wants to update her image and make changes to it that correspond to the summer season. So, clothes of dark colors are replaced by a brighter and more saturated wardrobe, which is dominated by prints and bold decorative elements.

Exactly the same trend tends to be observed in the world of manicure. In 2016, the fashionable summer nail design combines bright and rich colors, as well as a wide variety of patterns. Meanwhile, minimalism and naturalness also remain relevant.

Summer nail design style in 2016

The spring-summer season of 2016 is incredibly rich in trendy trends in manicure. Meanwhile, girls who follow fashion trends should remember that excessively long nails, too sharp tips and rough “chopped off” squares are now completely irrelevant.

What is given to us by nature is in fashion — neat oval-shaped nails of short or medium length. Of course, this does not mean that it is now impossible to build up nail plates. On the contrary, in some cases it is even necessary, but artificial nails should also look as natural as possible.

The summer design of both natural and extended nails in 2016 is dominated by the following fashion trends:

  • nude manicure, which is dominated by flesh or pale pink shades. It is nude that is the most fashionable summer nail design of 2016, since it most closely matches the existing trend for naturalness and naturalness;
  • geometric figures and perfectly straight lines do not belong to the novelties of summer 2016 nail design, as they were popular last season. Meanwhile, today this direction has not lost its relevance. This trend looks especially advantageous on short nails of an even oval shape;
  • space manicure this season is also incredibly popular, especially among young girls. As a rule, to create such a design, the nail plates themselves are covered with blue or purple varnish, and crescents, stars, stripes, and so on are drawn on top of them;
  • caviar manicure — Another interesting and very popular trend in the summer 2016 nail design. Covering the nail plates with small beads creates an unusual texture and adds volume, so it is often used to highlight individual nails. Meanwhile, in some cases, this technique is used to create a full-fledged manicure;
  • metallic shades this year again at the top of popularity. As a rule, they are used to create a fashionable and stylish French or moon manicure, as well as in a combination of these two techniques;
  • as always in the warm season, in 2016 it is very relevant bright summer design nails based on gel polish of red color and its numerous shades. Coral color is especially popular this season, which gives the owner of such a manicure feminine charm and elegance;
  • plain classic manicure also does not go out of fashion. In the summer season of 2016, in addition to red, pastel shades are actively used to create it, as well as the whole range of dark colors — black, brown, purple, dark blue, and so on;
  • finally, in the summer it becomes especially relevant «fruity» design nails. All kinds of fruits and berries can be applied to the nail plates using various techniques, but most experts turn to applications for this.

A wide variety of fashion trends will allow every girl in the summer of 2016 to always look stylish and incredibly attractive.


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