Blue dress with red belt

The fact that the belt is an important part of the wardrobe that can make the image more stylish and complete is known to every fashionista. In the arsenal of each of us there are a couple of belts for different occasions and for different clothes. But the success of the image depends not only […]

Stylish nail design 2014

In nail design, 2014 is characterized by the fact that more attention is paid to manicure than usual. This season, nails are not only an addition to the image, a sign of grooming and style, they can become a real bright accent and attract admiring glances. If the idea of ​​​​making your own hands and […]

How to look beautiful and stylish?

Of course, not everyone and not every day manages to look really perfect, because there is not always time and desire to make extra efforts for this. However, it turns out that it is not at all necessary to put in a lot of effort, it is quite enough just to remember a few basic […]

Ombre manicure

A beautiful manicure is one of the components of a successful image. Today, professional manicure and pedicure masters are able to transform nails into masterpieces of art. In addition, the more creative and unusual the nail design, the more the manicure meets the requirements of fashion trends, and its owner demonstrates her sense of style. […]

Baths for nail growth

Every woman dreams of beautiful and long nails. However, this can be very difficult to achieve. Someone achieves this goal through building, while others use baths for nail growth, masks, creams and other means, the choice of which depends on individual preferences. Baths for fast nail growth To achieve the desired result, the use of […]

Black manicure

Disputes about manicure with black varnish will never stop. Even stylists cannot come to a consensus about at what age and for what purposes black manicure can be done. The attribute of the subculture is ready, an element of a masquerade and carnival costume, a color for teenagers — you can’t hear anything. But the […]

Manicure with red varnish

Perfectly shaped red nails are a classic that has not gone out of fashion for a long time. Manicure with red lacquer will perfectly fit into business, evening and everyday looks, depending on the length of the nail and pattern. Women of different ages and styles sooner or later decide to cover their nails with […]

Manicure under a green dress

As you know, green is considered the color of life. It calms the nervous system, and our eyes rest when perceiving shades of green. If you have chosen a green outfit and want to choose the right color for the varnish, then this article is for you. First, let’s decide what colors green is combined […]

Summer manicure at home

The presence of a manicure in the best way is reflected in the appearance of a woman and positively affects the perception of her by people around her. Masterfully processed and decorated nails are one of the most important components of a woman’s appearance, especially in summer, when open, well-groomed hands attract everyone’s attention. But […]