25 photos of women who prove that waxing is out of fashion again

Beauty does not require sacrifice — it seems that this is the motto of all the women of the world in the coming year, and we have 25 indisputable photo evidence for this! Yes, we all remember how at the beginning of 2018 a “natural” photo of a fit girl appeared on the Web, which […]

Almond-shaped nails — manicure and design ideas for every taste

In recent seasons, a soft streamlined contour has been considered an actual choice for the shape of the nail plates. This solution looks more elegant and emphasizes romance, sophistication, femininity. Almond-shaped nails remain a fashionable trend in modern nail-art from year to year. Manicure almond-shaped nails 2019 At the latest shows, stylists have presented a […]

Beautiful winter manicure — trends, trends, novelties for all occasions

A beautiful winter manicure is designed to organically complement the time during this period. He is able to bring magic and a fabulous mood to the image. The most diverse themes can be used, due to which gentle or bright seductive notes appear. Beautiful winter manicure 2019 Many stylists use all sorts of current trends […]

Nails — fashion ideas 2019 — for every day and for special occasions

Every girl who takes care of herself thinks about what kind of manicure is best suited to the outfit she has chosen, and what types of nail art are in trend at the moment. In the new season, any young lady can choose a variety of ways to decorate her nails — fashion ideas 2019 […]

Almond nail shape — 25 photos of a beautiful feminine manicure

The femininity of the image largely depends on the manicure. Fashion trends in nail art are constantly changing, but the almond shape has remained in trend for several seasons in a row, becoming a classic. This is the most versatile and neat nail option. It is comfortable to wear and goes with any style of […]

Lilac dress — 66 photos of fashion models and images for all occasions

A purple dress is a beautiful, charming and sophisticated outfit, it can suit any girl with different skin tones. This color looks incredibly interesting, it gives the image a truly expensive and luxurious look and is able to make it unsurpassed. Lilac color dress Many fashionistas want to buy a beautiful purple dress. This color […]

Golden manicure — fashionable nail design for girls and women

Gold has long been considered a symbol of luxury and nobility. In our time, nothing has changed — shine creates a special effect that has aesthetic perfection. Golden manicure is very popular, beautiful and elegant, and most importantly — suitable for any style and image. Golden manicure 2019 The luxury and shimmer of golden glitter […]

Manicure 2019 for short nails — fashion trends, trends, new items

In the new season, fashion trends in nail art are still focused on naturalness. Especially such decisions relate to the choice of the shape and length of the nail plates. Therefore, a review of manicure 2019 for short nails has become a pressing issue for fashionistas who want to match the latest trends. Manicure for […]

Silver manicure — fashion trends and trends for short and long nails

Silver manicure is one of the most popular variations of trendy nail art. It is especially relevant in the winter season, as it is perfectly complemented by festive outfits and is associated with this snowy season. Silver manicure 2019 Many stylists prefer to use a silver manicure when creating fashionable bows. It is characterized by […]

Brilliant manicure — fashion trends for long and short nails

Each girl pays attention to the condition of her hands, because the image without a beautiful design of the nail plates will not be complete. Today, nail art masters offer the fair sex many interesting options, among which a brilliant manicure occupies a special place. Brilliant manicure 2019 Beautiful shiny manicure does not lose its […]