How to do a manicure?


how to do a manicure

It is not easy for a modern young lady to be beautiful and well-groomed, we come home from work, and there washing, cleaning and, as a result, only memories from a manicure. And what to do — run to the salon? But, as a rule, our free time does not coincide with the opening hours of the salons, and there is nothing left but how to do a manicure at home, and I would like to do it right.

Proper manicure at home is not an easy task, but it is quite doable. But before talking about how to do a manicure at home, you need to decide on the look. There are edged, hardware and unedged types of manicure. We will not consider hardware, since it is impossible to make it qualitatively at home — non-professional devices have less power and do not give good results. As the name implies, a trimmed manicure is one in which the cuticle is removed mechanically, and with an unedged one, chemistry comes to the rescue. Each type has its own disadvantages and advantages. For example, trimming does not take much time and gives good results, but if there is no proper skill, you can get wounds and inflammation of the skin around the nails. Unedged manicures help keep nails looking neat without side effects like scratching, but cuticle removers can cause an allergic reaction in people with sensitive skin. Here’s how to do a manicure in these ways, we’ll consider.

How to do a cropped manicure?

Any proper manicure, regardless of whether it is done in a salon or at home, begins with the removal of nail polish. Then we give the nails a shape, filing them from the edges to the center. Next, prepare a bath for hands. You need hot water and sea salt or liquid soap, you can also add lemon juice to warm water, it will help soften the cuticle. But if the skin on the hands is inflamed, then it is better to refuse salt and dissolve a decoction of chamomile or oak bark in water. We hold our hands in water for 5 minutes, and then we dry them with a towel. Now lift the cuticle and trim it. For trimming, you can use wire cutters or special scissors, whatever you like. The main thing is that the tool is of high quality, and therefore, when buying, it is better to ignore cheap sets made of poor materials. When cutting the cuticle, we try to make a solid line, because if it is “torn”, then burrs and inflammation cannot be avoided. When pruning, you need to remove only dead skin particles, and therefore we are not too zealous. If the cuticle is cut too deep, it will grow back quickly and become rough, and the nail can be damaged in this way. After trimming, apply cuticle oil or a special tool to soften it. And then, gently massaging,How to apply a manicure rub in a nourishing cream. The manicure is almost ready, it remains only to paint the nails.

How to do an unedged manicure?

Like the previous type of manicure, it is right to start an unedged manicure by removing varnish and filing nails, then you should apply a cuticle exfoliator. Next, immerse your hands in the bath, the same as in the previous version. After 5 minutes, remove your hands from the bath and dry with a towel. We are not in a hurry to remove all the fingers from the solution at once, we need to process one at a time, clean the little finger, and keep the rest in water. Next, use a wooden stick to remove the dissolved particles of the cuticle and align it. If a trimmed manicure was done before, then burrs may appear, they can be carefully trimmed with tweezers. Now lubricate the skin around the nail with caring oil. Now you can apply a nourishing cream on your hands and start applying a protective or decorative coating on your nails.


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