Pedicure, design, stylish novelties 2020


Pedicure, design, stylish novelties 2020 - beautiful, bright nails for a special occasion

With the onset of the warm season, for many fashionistas, pedicure design becomes extremely relevant, the stylish novelties of 2020 of which are represented by a variety of ideas. When designing it, you can be guided by all sorts of trends, nail art can be made in a restrained or, on the contrary, bright version.

Stylish pedicure — summer 2020

This season, the masters offer girls a pedicure design, the stylish novelties of 2020 of which are represented by the following trends:

  • the same design of the nails on the hands and feet does not lose its relevance, manicure and pedicure in this case are performed in the same style;
  • nail art in the Tiffany style will look truly unique, gentle and elegant;
  • one of the trends of the season is watercolor technique, with its help you can create real masterpieces on your nails;
  • marine stylish pedicure is ideal for a beach holiday;
  • a universal solution will be a nude design;
  • french is reasonably associated with the classics, but this season unusual ideas can be used to decorate it;
  • a black pedicure will add elegance to the image;
  • unique brilliance can be given by decorating with rhinestones;
  • discreet concise nail art is suitable for visiting the office. One option would be to use a minimalistic style;
  • for attending parties, you can use a rich red coating;
  • an unsurpassed combination of different colors can be created using the ombre technique;
  • if you want to highlight and make a bright bow, you can apply the style of «Pop Art»;
  • Oriental motifs are considered incredibly popular this season;
  • you can show originality and do a pedicure in the style of «Lady Bug»;
  • multicolored rainbow nails are perfect for summer;
  • for all occasions, geometric ornaments are suitable.

stylish pedicure 2020 summerstylish pedicure

Manicure pedicure summer 2020 in one style

Manicure and pedicure in the same style continues to be a classic, not influenced by fashion, the summer design of which is represented by various variations of execution:

  • the easiest solution would be to apply a monochromatic coating of the same shade on the hands and feet;
  • in the summer, a marine theme is in trend, it can also be successfully embodied simultaneously in manicure and pedicure;
  • it is not necessary to create a completely similar design, the main thing is that the manicure and pedicure should be done in a similar style and harmoniously complement each other;
  • floral themes and geometry are another undeniable trend. Drawings can be depicted on all fingers, and on the legs, use only the thumb for this, and make the rest of the nails plain.

manicure pedicure summer 2020 in one stylesummer manicure and pedicure

Tiffany style pedicure

A stylish summer pedicure made in the Tiffany style will look truly unsurpassed:

  • for its embodiment, the color scheme characteristic of this image is taken, this is a combination of turquoise and white shades;
  • you can make an original kind of jacket by covering the nail plates with turquoise, and painting the “smile” zone in a snow-white color;
  • you can find a Tiffany design pedicure, the stylish novelties of 2020 which contain certain decorative elements. For example, on one turquoise nail, you can depict a snow-white bow. Another interesting solution would be to paint over the hole area with white, and lay out turquoise rhinestones at the base of the nail plate.

tiffany style pedicure

Pedicure «Watercolor» — new stylish design 2020

The ideas of a stylish pedicure of 2020 are distinguished by the brightness and riot of colors, for the implementation of which watercolor technique is used:

  • on the nails, you can depict abstract stains created using several types of bright colors. This kind of nail art is easy to perform, the design can even be done independently;
  • popular is the application of colors that can be clearly traced or blurry. A white background is often taken as the basis, on which the flowers are clearly visible.

pedicure watercolor new stylish design 2020

Marine style pedicure 2020

Fashionable stylish pedicure, made on a marine theme, continues to remain invariably relevant:

  • you can embody a simple design, consisting of alternating white and blue stripes;
  • on a blue or blue background, you can depict elements characteristic of marine style. It can be an anchor, a boat, a jellyfish or a starfish;
  • as a background, you can use yellow velvet powder, which is associated with sand. It will look great image of a footprint.

marine style pedicure 2020trendy stylish pedicure

Nude pedicure 2020

A win-win solution, suitable for all occasions, will be gentle summer nails made in a nude version:

  • nude can vary from light pink to white, while changing the tone and saturation;
  • in the nude version, you can find both plain summer nails, and those containing a combination with any other shades, often they are combined with white;
  • geometric shapes, floral motifs, openwork lace patterns, which are applied in white or black, can be depicted on top of the nude coating;
  • you can refresh a calm nude with the help of a rub, which is applied over the base coat. It is recommended to give preference to a pearl rub, which will organically fit into the nude design.

nude pedicure 2020soft summer nails

Summer jacket on nails 2020

Pedicure continues to be out of competition — French design:

  • you can apply the classic performance with the help of a nude base and a white “smile” area;
  • juicy, saturated colors are great for summer, for their embodiment you can use a jacket in which the “smile” will be double or even triple. At the same time, it can be depicted as traditional rounded or made in a triangular version;
  • French is also popular, made using the ombre technique, when one shade, taken for the base, smoothly flows into another, which occupies a smaller area and is used to decorate the “smile”.

summer french nails 2020pedicure design french

Stylish black pedicure

With the help of dark shades, you can also create an incredibly beautiful summer nail design:

  • the undoubted leader among dark coatings is reasonably recognized as black varnish, which is presented both in glossy and matte versions;
  • summer dark nails can be made plain or decorated with any other shades. An excellent solution would be drawings or patterns that are applied with red or white varnish;
  • the black base is great for applying all kinds of shiny elements to it, it can be stones, rhinestones or sparkles.

stylish black pedicurebeautiful summer nail design

Pedicure design with rhinestones — stylish new items 2020

For an evening out, a nail design is perfect, the summer version of which is made using rhinestones:

  • pebbles can be laid out at the base of the nail, embodying the original moon nail art;
  • the thumbnail can be completely filled with multi-colored rhinestones, making it as the main bright accent;
  • with the help of rhinestones, you can decorate all kinds of decorative elements, for example, use them to lay out flower petals, hearts and other details.

pedicure design with rhinestones stylish new items 2020summer nail design

Pedicure — office style

For women who spend a lot of time at work, a pedicure will be a godsend — business style:

  • to create such a design, conciseness and minimalism are welcome. It is preferable to choose discreet tones for coatings; nude would be an excellent solution;
  • light, medium-sized and unobtrusive decor is allowed, for example, these are rhinestones in a single version, laconic geometry, a small scattering of flowers;
  • french or moon ney art is a win-win classic that is always relevant for going to the office.

office style pedicurebusiness style pedicure

Ombre Pedicure

To implement the gradient technique, all kinds of summer nail colors are intended:

  • two colors can traditionally be used for ombre decoration, but there can be more shades;
  • rainbow nails are recognized as a stylish trend, when there are several bright tones on the nails, turning one into another. This technique is preferably used on the thumb, since it has enough area for this. The rest of the nails can be painted in similar colors that are applied on the ombre;
  • A gradient can also be made with sparkles, in which case a technique known as “stretching” is used, when shiny details are maximally concentrated in one area and decrease towards another zone.

ombre style pedicure

Minimalist pedicure

For visiting work and any other events, a pedicure made in a minimalist style is perfect:

  • light summer nails will be the perfect embodiment of minimalism, they will look concise and elegant;
  • if desired, you can apply a dark monochromatic coating, and a bright red version. The main condition is the absence of frills when choosing decorative elements, their complete absence is also welcome;
  • if decor is used, then it should be medium-sized, for example, it is a small flower located on the nail in a single version, or several thin lines embodying geometry.

minimalist pedicurebright summer nails

Pop Art Pedicure

An extremely catchy and rich solution will be fashionable summer nails made in the style of «Pop Art»:

  • courage and originality are taken as the basis for creating this type of nail art. Coatings and decorative elements are taken as bright and eye-catching as possible;
  • on a plain coating, drawings in the form of female lips, shoes, lipsticks, perfume bottles can be depicted;
  • popular print in the form of peas and bright inscriptions;
  • for decoration, you can apply a collage when several images are applied on one nail. To embody this idea is presented on the thumb, since this nail plate is characterized by sufficient space;
  • you can portray comic book characters or embody portraits of Hollywood stars.

pop art pedicure

Summer red pedicure

Fashionistas who prefer bright bows will appreciate the beautiful summer nails, for the design of which a red coating is taken:

  • varnish can be very bright and saturated or muted, in the latter case a matte finish is often used;
  • it is allowed to completely lay out the thumbnail with red rhinestones;
  • as for combinations with other tones, the most common are black and white varnishes;
  • for decoration, both red sparkles and velvety texture powder of the same color can be taken.

summer red pedicurebeautiful summer nails

Oriental style pedicure

A stylish trend of this season can be called summer nail art made on an oriental theme:

  • nails can be painted with fancy patterns that are used in oriental culture;
  • preference is given to bright saturated or dark colors.

Oriental style pedicure

Pedicure in the style of «Lady Bug»

When creating original nail art, ideas found in films or cartoons can be taken as a basis. An example is a red pedicure, a stylish summer novelty, the design of which in 2020 contains motifs in the style of «Lady Bug». The following details are used in its design:

  • nail plates can be painted red, over which black pea dots are applied. An outfit in a similar color composition was typical for a cartoon character;
  • one of the nails can be made white, and an image of a mask-glasses made in red and black colors, which is present on the rest of the nail plates, can be applied to the base;
  • Another popular element used to decorate one of the nails can be a cat’s paw print.

lady bug pedicure

Multicolored summer nails

For warm sunny weather, summer juicy nails, made in a multi-colored version, will be a great solution:

  • the easiest way is to alternate varnishes of different colors on different fingers. In this case, two, three or more shades can be taken;
  • several colors can be combined on one nail plate, making an imitation of a rainbow. At the same time, coatings of different shades can be arranged using a smooth transition from one to another, characteristic of the ombre technique. Another trick is to draw clear multi-colored stripes.

colorful summer nails

Summer geometry on nails

Many fashionistas prefer to make summer colored nails or plain nail plates decorated with geometry:

  • shapes can be used in a variety of ways, these are simple lines and dots, circles, triangles and squares;
  • a single element can be applied to the nail plate or a combination of several can be used. In the latter case, the figures can intersect and overlap each other;
  • using geometry, you can also depict a certain animal or plant, for example, lay out a flower or a cat figurine;
  • to fill the figures, multi-colored varnishes can be taken, which are very relevant in the summer, certain details can be filled with rhinestones or sparkles.

summer geometry on nailsstylish summer pedicure


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