How to do a manicure at home?


How to do a manicure at home

I wonder if women with perfect manicures are frequent guests of beauty salons or do they just know how to do a good manicure at home? Everyone probably had similar questions at the sight of another lady with well-groomed nails. The most interesting thing is that a home manicure can be in no way inferior to a salon one, with proper training, of course. And in order to learn how to perform this procedure perfectly, it is not at all necessary to attend courses or become a happy owner of the book “How to make a beautiful manicure at home”, just find time and start doing manicure yourself.

We do manicure at home

Everyone knows that there are two types of manicure available for home nail treatments. This is a cut and unedged manicure. Both types have their supporters, which one to use is up to you. The main thing to remember is that when switching from edged to chemical manicure, the first results may not be the best, you need to carry out 2-3 procedures to make the nails look good. So, how to make a beautiful manicure at home? We acquire time, move to a well-lit room, lay out all the necessary tools and proceed to the ritual.

  1. We clean the nails from the old varnish.
  2. Preparing a bath for hands. You will need warm water and some liquid soap (shower gel). You can also add decoctions of herbs or lemon juice to the water to strengthen the nails.
  3. If we do an unedged manicure, then we apply a special tool to the cuticle to remove it.
  4. Immerse your hands in warm water and hold for 5 minutes.
  5. We dry our hands with a napkin. If we do an unedged manicure, then it is better to remove a finger from the water finger by finger — they processed the little finger, took the nameless one out of the bath, etc.
  6. We remove the cuticle and process the nail ridges. With a chemical manicure, we need a special wand, with a cut one — scissors or wire cutters. We do not forget that only keratinized cells need to be removed, and therefore fanaticism in the fight against “extra” skin is inappropriate. If you cut the skin too deep, the cuticle will grow back very quickly, and you can also damage the nail bed, which will lead to deformation of the nails.
  7. Lubricate the hands with cream, you can apply a special oil to the cuticle to soften it.
  8. We look at the shape of the nails and fix what we don’t like. At the same time, you need to file your nails in one direction — from the edges to the center, otherwise the nails will exfoliate. Also, do not file your nails too hard from the edges, because of this they become brittle. And one more important rule, we process the nails with a nail file only when they are dry. Wet nails react inadequately to the nail file, they may begin to exfoliate. And of course, it is better to leave metal files in the past.
  9. Having given the nails the desired shape, we polish them (of course, with the side of the file that is intended for polishing the nail).
  10. Preparing nails for applying polish. We pass over the nails with a cotton pad dipped in nail polish remover.
  11. Apply 2 coats of hardener to nails. You can sometimes neglect this point, but not often. Since varnish is not useful for nails, and a hardener will help protect them from harmful effects, and the varnish will hold on better.
  12. Apply a layer of varnish and let it dry thoroughly. Agree, it is much better to wait an extra 10 minutes than to start all over again.We do manicure at home After drying the 1st layer of varnish, apply the next. With the second layer, we will hide the flaws made during the first application, and make the color more saturated. In order not to spend too much time drying, we make sure that the layers are thin. Such a coating will dry quickly and will last a long time.
  13. After the varnish has completely dried, apply a protective coating on the nails. To prolong the life of a manicure, this coating can be used daily.

And the final stage (after drying the protective coating) — we apply, lightly massaging, a nourishing cream on the hands and nails. Perhaps the first time the desired result will not be achieved, but with the acquisition of the necessary skills, you will succeed. And already you will tell your friends and acquaintances: “What a salon, girls, we do manicure at home!”.


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