Foil Nail Design


foil nail design

For several seasons in a row, a manicure with a metallic sheen effect has been quite popular. This kind of design could be seen on many celebrities, and, of course, on simple street fashionistas. And the best part is that making such nails for yourself is very, very simple and absolutely not expensive either in time or money. This is called foil nail design. Of course, the foil is not the one you get for the kitchen, but it is special, although this does not make the manicure more difficult to perform. Foil nail design can be mastered by every woman in order to please herself with beautiful and stylish nails.

Foil Nail Design

Materials. You can buy foil to create a manicure with a metallic effect in specialized stores for nail art or in cosmetics stores. It is worth noting that this foil is of two types: tear-off and transfer. The tear-off foil is quite dense in its structure. It is sold in rolls or in the form of stickers. It is attached to the nails either with thermal exposure or with the help of special glue. The transfer foil is applied to the nails much easier — it is necessary to carefully apply a piece of foil to the varnish base and special glue, straightening and smoothing it, and then, after a certain amount of time, simply remove it. Therefore, by the way, for girls who are just learning the basics of nail design with tape foil, transfer foil will be the best choice.

Creation of a manicure. The first thing to do is to put your nails in order. Gently remove the cuticle, rough skin, as a metal manicure very clearly draws attention to all the flaws. Then cover the nail plates with base polish. You can pick it up to match the color of the foil, or you can take a transparent varnish. Then apply glue to the nails, wait five minutes, and apply pieces of foil to the nails. Please note that this must be done carefully so that the foil nails look elegant and beautiful. By the way, it is quite easy to determine which side to apply the transfer foil to the nail: just scratch its surface and that side of it, on which the mark of the scratch remains, should be applied to the nail plate. If you want your nails with, for example, gold foil to sparkle longer, cover the manicure on top with a protective varnish, otherwise the metal coating will peel off quickly. Further, it is also worth noting that it is also quite possible to do a manicure with foil on gel nails, so if you like to build up your nails, this will not be a hindrance.

Many girls like to do drawings on nails with foil, as it looks very impressive. And most importantly — it is very easy to do. You just need to apply glue only in some places that you want to decorate with foil.


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