feminine energy


feminine energy

The feminine energy that is hidden in every woman helps, first of all, to establish harmonious relationships with men. It helps a woman to live differently, to feel differently, better. Female strength and energy allows the representative of the weaker sex to return to the appearance that the creator endowed her with. The one who has revealed her true nature in herself can live as she wants.

The world is ruled by energy, it is able to attract and hold. A woman is a bunch of energy. Thanks to this, she, like a magnet, attracts useful acquaintances, opportunities, and money into her life. The most important thing about this is that she can keep all this in her life.

Unleashing feminine energy

A woman who is able to reveal her true nature, who knows how to be in contact with her energy, is able to easily keep everything she wants in her life. With the help of female energy, like a wave, she is able to bring her man to the pinnacle of success. Men need such women. At an unconscious level, they feel them, ready to throw themselves at their feet.

The development of feminine energy helps a woman to feel the way she should be.

Otherwise, when a woman is deprived of such energy, regardless of her financial success, social status, etc., not a single man will want to be near her. Because they just do not feel femininity in her.

Female sexual energy helps both a woman and a man to create. Women easily do what the soul lies in, achieve success in this. And men, in turn, are able to spend it on big money matters that bring them success. Therefore, women with little developed sexual energy cannot attract men worthy of them into their lives.

Sources of female energy attract men to them, regardless of what appearance nature has endowed her with. It doesn’t matter if sexuality bubbles up in such a woman. But the effect of your energy weakens when, for example, you give more to your beloved man than you receive from him in return. This is an unequal exchange that can devastate you.

How to increase female energy?

According to the Vedic teachings, which were created 5 thousand years ago, female energy is the main source of the universe. The Vedas describe ways on how to strengthen female energy.

We list the main ones:

  1. A woman always needs touch. From the lack of massage, various ailments appear, because the energy stagnates.
  2. Hair is a reflection of women’s thoughts. Therefore, make sure that your hairstyle is always beautiful.
  3. Beautiful hands have always attracted and will attract men. A beautiful manicure, not necessarily with extended long nails, but even the usual naturalness and grooming, can awaken the attention of men to your personality.
  4. Chat with other women. Thus, every woman is able to better understand her experiences and thoughts.
  5. Long conversations are not a waste of time, but a way to throw out excess energy.
  6. how to boost feminine energy

  7. Walking helps you get closer to nature.
  8. Don’t forget to listen to music every day.
  9. Sometimes be frivolous. Feel like a girl, feel carefree.
  10. Pamper your body with a bath of oils and flower petals.
  11. Practice various relaxing practices, and you will realize how you can accumulate feminine energy.
  12. Sing. This is how you clear your throat chakra. After that, you will not have the desire to swear.
  13. Enjoy your beauty while shopping. You can not buy anything, just try on clothes, admiring yourself.
  14. In order to strengthen female energy, take up dancing.
  15. Dresses and skirts reconnect your energy.

Every woman has feminine energy. One has only to listen to one’s inner voice and understand what is needed to restore and strengthen it.


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