Fashionable nail design


Fashionable nail design

The impression of a person’s appearance largely depends on the little things — dirty shoes, disheveled styling, sloppy manicure — and now the harmony of the image is irretrievably destroyed. That is why it is so important to pay attention to these seemingly inconspicuous things.

In this article we will talk about manicure, more precisely, about the most fashionable types of nail design.

Fashion trends in nail design

Fashion for long nails is finally a thing of the past. The most relevant nail length today is the average. Short nails remain popular, especially with an unusual design or covered with bright varnish. French remains the leader among fashionable nail designs — in classic or alternative (color) versions. In addition, a manicure with a gradient or ombre effect is very fashionable. In this case, the transition between colors can be performed on one nail or on all.

Deep saturated colors of varnish are still relevant — scarlet, coral, azure, purple, black, emerald. It is very fashionable this fall to paint your nails with a translucent varnish interspersed with various colors and shapes.

For those who love drawings on nails, nail stickers with patterns are suitable. And now complex leopard print or celebrity portraits on nails are not a problem.

Fashionable extended nails design

Building is a salvation for those whose nails stubbornly refuse to grow, constantly break or exfoliate. In just a couple of hours, the master will turn your hands into an example to follow or even into a real work of art. Do not forget only that the fashion for very long square nails has already passed, and if you are a fan of long nails, give preference to sharp or oval nails.

Volumetric decorations on the nails this fall are experiencing a new wave of popularity. It can be rivets or pebbles, gel sculpting or even pendants.

But extended nails with the effect of an aquarium are losing ground.

As you can see, there are many options for fashionable nail design — you just have to choose what you like and suits you.


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