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With the advent of the cold period, a beautiful fashionable manicure does not lose its relevance. After all, despite the forced use of gloves that hide their hands, every fashionista should be stylish in everything, especially since, when entering a room, we, as a rule, expose our hands. Therefore, even in the autumn-winter period, it is important to know which nails are fashionable now. This question concerns, in general, not only the nail part of the hand, but the entire hand as a whole. After all, if your nails are perfect, but your hands remain unkempt, then the general appearance will not speak of your good taste. Therefore, before you start caring for your nails, make sure that the skin of the hand is soft and moisturized, and the cuticle is removed.

When asked how it is fashionable to paint nails in the cold season, all stylists unanimously claim that no one has canceled bright color schemes with the advent of the autumn-winter season. Therefore, do not hide the juicy shades of varnishes. And also do not worry that now the relevance in beautiful bright drawings has been lost. On the contrary, choose catchy colors that are typical for the golden autumn period or the New Year holidays.

Fashionable nail shape

It is definitely impossible to talk about the most fashionable form of nails. Today, masters give great importance to the personal preferences of the client. However, stylists can still highlight the most popular trendy nails.

If you prefer to wear extended nails, then a neat square shape is considered the most suitable. Such nails, in principle, have always been very popular. Therefore, regardless of the chosen length, with square nails you will look stylish in any case. In addition, extended square nails are convenient for modeling, which has become a trend this season.

If you have your own healthy natural nails, then in the autumn-winter period it is best to give them a neat rounded shape of a small length. It is best to cover such nails with plain varnishes.

The most fashionable nails for publication are extensions or false nails of an unusual shape. Long length, non-standard filing, asymmetry are the trends of this season.


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