Fairy makeup


Fairy makeup

At times, tired of the gray everyday life and everyday bustle, we want a miracle. And believe me, it’s stupid to sit and wait for it to happen. We must act. Where to begin? Yes, of course, from myself. Manicure, pedicure, massage, new dress, shoes. The list of women’s joys is endless. Beauty is real magic. And it’s not for nothing that stylists came up with the Fairy makeup. It is endlessly charming and fabulous.

The image of a fairy can be used for a party, masquerade, ball, going to the theater, restaurant or any other event. It is also suitable for everyday life. Consider step-by-step instructions and figure out how to do fairy makeup correctly.

  1. Cleanse your face first. Next, apply a primer. This tool perfectly hides skin imperfections, evens out tone and gives the skin a healthy glow.
  2. Apply sparkling lavender eye shadow to the moving eyelid. They will make the look mysterious. Darken the crease of the outer corner of the eye. To do this, pick up shimmery brown or chocolate shades — they will add relief. Makeup for a fairy cannot be imagined without lilac shadows. They need to be added to the outer corner of the eye and just above the shade of the crease, going a little over it.
  3. Apply matte shadows under the eyebrow and blend the borders of the shades with them.
  4. Paint the lower eyelid up to a quarter with lilac shadows. This is necessary to create a mysterious gentle haze. Apply a pearl shade to the middle of the mucosa. Thus, you will give freshness to the look.
  5. Draw arrows. You need to do this, starting from a thin line to a volumetric one and vice versa. The arrows should follow the natural shape of the eye.
  6. Apply mascara to upper lashes. The bottom ones don’t need to be painted. Makeup is ready.

Such a make-up is quite simple. He will make any girl a real mysterious fairy.

It will be a little more difficult to create an image of a flower fairy or an image of a forest fairy. It is more suitable for a masquerade, party, ball or New Year’s celebration. Here you need the ability to draw beautifully. Having finished the makeup, you need to draw the contours of the flowers around the eyes. To do this, use a white pencil. Then it all depends on the imagination. You need to decorate the flowers with pink, mother-of-pearl or other shadows you like. You can also draw green leaves and curls.


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