Glitter for nails


glitter for nails

Glitter has been used in stylish nail design before, but glitter at its core is a metallic shiny particle of any shape, color and size. In addition, such a tool in manicure can be different in composition. The most popular is dry glitter. This decoration looks like a shiny powder, but the consistency is rougher. You can also buy glitter polish. As a rule, this is a transparent base with colored or multi-colored filling. The latter option is more convenient to apply on the nails. However, with the help of dry glitter, you can make real masterpieces on your nails.

In order to make a fashionable manicure with glitter, it is necessary to apply a solid base and sprinkle glitter on top with a spatula before the varnish dries. You can dip your finger into a jar of glitter, then the effect will be truly dazzling. If you want to make a brilliant drawing, then you need to wait until the base is completely dry, paint the pattern you like with a transparent varnish on top with a brush and sprinkle it with glitter. Sequins must be fixed with a fixative, unless, of course, you use ready-made varnish with glitter.

Glitter nail design

Today, stylists offer a large selection of glitter manicure options. But if you want to draw attention to an unusual choice and exquisite taste, then you should design in accordance with the latest fashion trends.

gold glitter. Today, glitter can be of any color. But the most popular is still considered a gold nail decoration. Less often, women of fashion use sequins for silver and bronze. Gold glitter looks most spectacular on matte black nails and in red manicure. More gently and romantically beautiful decor complements the nude design.

French with glitter. French manicure with sparkles looks very unusual. The most popular is the French Millennium. But glitter can also act as the basis in the design, and the edge strip is made with a contrasting varnish.

Feng Shui glitter manicure. Glitter is a great solution for highlighting the ring finger. You can choose a glitter of the same shade with varnish or a contrasting color. Either way, the effect will be amazing.

Ombre with glitter. With the help of trendy decor, you can make a stylish gradient on your nails. At the same time, sparkles can complete a beautiful design, but nails with ombre from different shades of glitter of the same gamut look more elegant and sophisticated.


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