Nail design 2016 with rhinestones


nail design 2016 with rhinestones

An unusual and beautiful nail design will always draw attention to the beautiful hands of a fashionista and demonstrate her refined taste and originality. The best way to make an original irresistible manicure is to add decor. Rhinestone trim has always been considered the most popular decoration. And in 2016, nail designs with rhinestones are still in fashion. The current trends in fashionable nail-art with beautiful pebbles are not aimed at emphasizing the decor itself, but only at an exquisite addition with it. How do stylists suggest doing nails with rhinestones in the 2016 season?

Solid bright manicure with rhinestones. The actual design for every day is considered to be covering nails in one color with the addition of beautiful pebbles. At the same time, saturated shades of varnishes are in fashion, which will highlight stylish pens — black, red, blue, green.

Ombre nails with rhinestones. A gradient manicure looks very beautiful and unusual in combination with sparkling jewelry. In the new season, a light ombre with rhinestones is considered more tender and romantic. Dark tones are more suitable for an evening look.

Matte manicure with rhinestones. Manicure without standard gloss is the current choice of 2016. The addition of matte design with rhinestones is in trend this year. Such nail-art will not only attract the attention of others, but also demonstrate the originality and individuality of a fashionista.

French on nails with rhinestones 2016

Despite the large selection of unusual types of nail designs with rhinestones, in 2016, French manicure with the addition of beautiful stones is also considered the most feminine and versatile. In the new season, stylists offer to make a jacket with the simultaneous selection of holes. Also, rhinestones will stylishly complement the fantasy French design — millennium, rainbow, color. But the most original and unusual design in the 2016 season was the combination of a jacket with drawings and rhinestones.


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