Types of manicure

Manicure is a procedure necessary for every woman. Well-groomed hands give self-confidence, cheer up, and generally make a woman a real lady.

The main types of manicure

Fashion does not stand still. Everything changes, not only the style of clothing and current hairstyles. New types of manicure are regularly invented. The nail business is developing quite actively today, so innovations in the countries of the former CIS appear almost simultaneously with Europe. Below we will bring you up to date and tell you what the main types of manicure are, how they differ, what advantages they have.

The most popular manicure techniques are as follows:

  • classic or edged;
  • hardware;
  • SPA-method;
  • European;
  • paraffin therapy.

What is a manicure?

The most common type of manicure is classic. It is ideal for «running» nails. That is, if you have not done a manicure for a long time, the classic technique is what you need. The hands are well steamed, the cuticle and excess overgrown skin are pushed back and cut off with tweezers. This procedure is quick and quite simple, therefore it can be done even at home. The only drawback that does not allow us to consider the classic the best type of manicure is the ability to get hurt and bring an infection into the body.

European and hardware manicure — techniques that are similar to each other. The similarity is that in both cases, the master does not use cutting objects to remove cuticles and burrs. It is believed that these are the safest and most gentle types of manicure. The European technique involves the use of special oils, and the hardware one uses machines. In both cases, the master must master the technique to perfection. True, these types of manicure will not be very effective on rough and groomed skin. Hands can be brought into ideal condition with these methods only after five or six procedures.

The best types of manicure for brittle and painful nails are hot and SPA. The hot manicure procedure is carried out using a special machine, which first heats the nail to the desired temperature, and then simply maintains it. SPA manicure is a real aromatherapy procedure, very pleasant and effective for maintaining youthful hands. Painful nails, these types of manicure can be put in order pretty quickly.

Modern types of manicure

In addition to traditional types of manicure, there are several modern techniques that allow you to maintain both the health of the nail and its attractive appearance for a long time.

Japanese manicure

Japanese technology is aimed at preserving the natural beauty of the nail. Includes a relaxing hand massage and treatment with special oils. Even the tools used for Japanese manicure are soaked in aromatic relaxing agents.

Permanent manicure

This is gel nail polish. The procedure is carried out after the treatment of hands and nails according to classical or European technology. Modern gel polishes are very gentle on nails and do not spoil them at all.

Types of French manicure


The newest types of French manicure are multi-colored and often very bright. Nail processing is carried out according to one of the well-known methods, but a specific design is chosen. And if the traditional French manicure is done in white and beige tones, then modern designs can be whatever the client’s soul desires.

You, of course, will choose which manicure is better on your own. The main thing is to remember that you should trust your hands only to professionals working in a neat and clean salon.

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