tiffany style manicure

Fashionable manicure is one of the main elements of a stylish look. Today, many fashionistas turn to well-known brands to showcase their sense of style. In addition, many experts recommend dressing exclusively in branded items in order to demonstrate not only your fashion affiliation, but also your preference for the quality of style. One of the most popular nail designs in the new season has become a Tiffany-style manicure. The popular brand is popular with fashionistas around the world. That is why stylists recommend Tiffany as a template for creating a fashionable manicure.

How to do a Tiffany manicure?

To make a Tiffany-style manicure, you need to have a turquoise-colored polish in your kit. Before applying it, be sure to take care of your nails and hands. After all, the famous brand is the embodiment of accuracy and grooming. Turquoise nails must be complemented with horizontal white stripes, and ring fingers should be decorated with a white bow. A similar manicure can be done at home. And even if you do not know how to draw on nails, you can buy beautiful bows or make a sticker on your nails.

In addition to the classic Tiffany-style manicure, modern professionals also offer alternative options. For example, instead of the usual turquoise, blue varnish is allowed. It is also fashionable to complement the manicure with silver color or sparkles. In addition, it is not necessary to draw white bows. You can get a Tiffany color manicure to match your favorite brand. Solid turquoise nails are also considered the standard of the fashion brand. And if you do a manicure in the salon, then the manicurist will surely decorate your nails with rhinestones and original drawings. In any case, the main recommendation of stylists when creating a Tiffany-style manicure is neat, well-groomed nails and hands.

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